6 Types Of Bridal Makeup That Will Make You Glow Like Never Before On Your Big Day

Picking the right wedding outfit seems a tedious task for many brides but choosing the right type of bridal makeup is the toughest decision. And if you go wrong here then the rest is just a waste of money. You might be thinking that hiring a professional makeup artist will save you from this disaster.

Of course, it would somehow but nobody knows better than you about your skin type. Plus, having basic knowledge about bridal makeup will save you from complete dependence on professionals.

Here are the different types of bridal make up every bride should know about.

Right Bridal Makeup For Every Skin Type

1. Get The HD Look

types of bridal makeup
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If your skin is uneven or has blemishes then high definition makeup will hide all the imperfections and give a natural glow on the face. It is also light and soft on your scars and pores.

It lasts longer and does not fade away or reflect the imperfections after some time. Thus, it’s apt for brides as their every moment is going to be captured in the photographs.

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2. Brush-Free Makeup

types of bridal makeup
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Unlike traditional makeup application techniques that involve the use of brushes and sponges, airbrush makeup involves the use of an air gun or air compressor on the face.

The makeup artist will apply a layer on your face to cover all the pores and blemishes resulting in a flawless camera-ready look that lasts for 12 hours. Most brides prefer airbrush makeup over conventional makeup because it’s waterproof.

In addition to this, it’s completely hygienic as no brushes or sponges touch your skin directly. Thus, it’s good for those with sensitive skin. But there are some drawbacks as well such as the makeup appears heavy and artificial.

And if not done by the professionals, then airbrush makeup can give a disastrous look so always hire an expert.

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3. Mineral Makeup

types of bridal makeup
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Conventional makeup products contain waxes, oils, and artificial ingredients that affect skin health. Mineral makeup is a great alternative as all the cosmetics are made of natural tiny particles that are grounded and milled.

These are iron, zinc oxide, and talc which give a natural glow to the skin. Therefore, mineral makeup is also perfect for those who easily get acne and have pigmentation issues.

4. Go Matte

types of bridal makeup
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Brides with oily skin should opt for matte makeup that leaves no shine and excess oil on their face. It gives a velvet or porcelain finish hiding all the imperfections on the skin.

Even those having both dry and oily skin can go for a matte finish that does not require multiple touch-ups.

5. Glossy Look

types of bridal makeup
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Illuminators, highlighters, and other liquid products are used to bring that perfect finish on brides with clear and dry skin. It gives a reflective finish to the skin as lots of champagne colors and glossy products are used on the face. Even glitters are used to give a look that steals everyone’s attention.

6. Be Natural

types of bridal makeup
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Natural makeup fits all types of skin and is also called second skin makeup because it gives a natural look. But it is not easy to achieve and only experts know how to create a perfect illusion of natural skin using the dark and light effects.

It can be your ideal choice if you want a minimal makeup look and if your wedding falls in the spring and summer seasons.

These were the 6 types of bridal makeup that enhance your natural features and give you unforgettable look on your big day.



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