6 Must Follow Monsoon Hacks That Will Keep You Healthy

The most awaited season has finally arrived of course everyone is fond of monsoon. The lip smashing corns is something no one can resist. While enjoying the rainy days we often ignore health that later results in trouble.

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Monsoon brings many problems like digestion issue, bacterial infections, fungal infections, flu cold and whatnot. Due to the deficiency of sun rays digestion falls down like a kite whereas unhealthy oily foods put a coin out the pocket.

Not to mention monsoon is also favourable to the insects and microorganism that causes flu and infections to humans. Let us look at some hacks to be healthy this monsoon season. 

1) Take a shower as soon as you get wet in the rain 

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 Aah! I am already wet why m I suppose to take bath !this is the first reaction anyone would give but the truth is due to the pollution and acid rains it is very important to wash off all the germs. 

2) Stay hydrated

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Looking at the rain outside the desire to drink water dies as often but to support the digestive system it is important to wash out inner impurity as well. 

3) Avoid heavy makeup and bleaching

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Skin in monsoon gets worse due to the humidity and bacterial attacks. Applying heavy makeup and multiple products on the face may lead to smudged face and bleaching turns skin more delicate, so as far as possible avoid applying these but do use sun protection cream.

4) Maintain hygiene of clothes 

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Moisture all around promotes bacteria and causes infection. To overcome moisture and bacteria washcloths with disinfectants like Dettol, Savlon, Betadine etc especially inner wears. Ironing clothes before using them also remove moisture and bacteria from clothes. It is preferable to wear light cloth to avoid rashes and other skin irritation. 

5) Haircare

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Go for oiling hair before every wash. Do not heat dry hair. Using a conditioner is preferable. Apply serum to manage hair. 

6) What to eat

Green vegetables
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Avoid leafy veggies and deep-fried street food. Eat light and hydrate body timing. Wash vegetables nicely. 

If you are someone who loves monsoon but can’t compromise on your health, then you should follow these hacks. Also, share them with your loved ones and remind them to take care of themselves.


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