Kerala Vendor Celebrated Eid By Donating His Clothing Stock To Kerala Flood Victims

Kerala did not completely recover from the 2018 floods and 2019 floods devastated the God’s own country once again. After the massive floods this year that hit many cities including Kerala leaving the situation of people very vulnerable.

Kerala floods
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Many people are volunteering to help the flood victims and it is appreciable. Apart from many NGO’s what took all the attention was this vendor who celebrated his Eid helping the Kerala flood victims.

He is Noushad, a roadside garment seller from Ernakulam. Noushad ha done some serious selfless deed by donating all his godown stock to the victims. People were all surprised to see him emptying all of his garment stock and donating it to the people who really needed them.

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In an interview he said-

“Tomorrow is Eid, this is my Eid. When I die, I can’t take any of these with me. My profit is helping others”.

He has shown true superhero traits by celebrating his festival in this unique way. It is not how much food you ate or how expensive you dressed up on festivals. This human showed what humanity means and came forward to do his bit when the society needed him.

What are your thoughts on this?

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