5 Face Yoga Exercises For Clear And Glowing Skin

Nobody can deny the fact that even after applying a number of cosmetics; we always crave some natural solutions for healthy and glowing skin. Maybe because we are aware that beauty products are loaded with chemicals. Nevertheless, we are obsessed with that ignoring some simple yet effective techniques. Try face yoga for glowing skin.

Sounds weird? But that’s work, don’t believe? Read the benefits of face yoga as found in a small study by researchers in 2018.

Everything About Face Yoga For Glowing Skin

yoga for glowing skin

Face yoga can be called a stretching exercise for your face muscles that keep them in good shape. They are nothing different than gentle massage steps included in your skincare routine but these exercises target the focused area rather than covering your whole face.

Benefits Of Facial Yoga

1. It tones the weaker muscles that gave a saggy and dull appearance
2. Your face becomes more symmetrical
3. All the dark circles start fading
4. Reduces extra fat around the skin
5. Improve blood circulation
6. Re-structure neckline
7. Re-set facial muscles

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Simple Face Yoga Exercises To Get Radiant Skin

yoga for glowing skin

So, now what exactly one has to do to reap all the above benefits. Nothing more than just making some faces, unlike other exercises that involve a lot of body moments facial exercises demand simple facial expressions.

However, each one targets different muscles of your face. For instance, if your goal is to remove forehead lines brow smoother is the best exercise for face glow. It reduces stiffness and eases the frontalis muscle on your head.

Eye Circles

facial yoga for glowing skin

Puffy eyes are not just the result of high screen time but also a sign that you are getting older. So here is what you should do to remove puffiness and improve your eye’s health.

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Fish Face

How To Do Face Yoga To Lift And Contour Your Face! | Blog | HUDA BEAUTY

This face yoga not only gives you glowing skin but also results in puffy cheeks. For this, fill your cheeks with air and hold the fish face for 30 seconds. Keep shifting the air from one cheek to another and release after few seconds.

Pout And Smile

Gesicht face GIF - Find on GIFER

Who doesn’t want perfect sharp-cut jawlines? Pout and smile is a simple exercise for face glow and to shape your jaw. All you have to do is to make a pout and hold it for few seconds. This improves blood circulation and stretches your jaw muscles. Doing 10 reps of pout and smile will give you results within a month.

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Stretch And Lift Your Eyebrows

How Face Yoga is Transforming The Beauty Industry - Face Yoga™

Not just your cheeks and eyes, the skin under your brows are going to lose the glow with age. To make sure, that the upper half of the face reflects youthfulness, do this simple face yoga.

Face tapping

How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage for Glowing Skin (With Gifs) - Cushy Spa

One of the best and most effective yoga for glowing skin is face tapping. It works all over the face and boosts blood circulation. Begin tapping with your fingertips right from your forehead to neck. Take deep breaths during this exercise and don’t forget the backside of your neck.

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Try these 5 simple exercises at home regularly and you’ll find the lost glow back on your face.

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