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5 Secret Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter!

We all know that brighter, bigger eyes make for a more polished look. But if you have dark circles and bags under the eyes, then no cooling gel or eye cream can change the look of your eyes. Instead, you can easily make the bigger, brighter eyes with a few makeup tricks.

These tricks are quite simple and can be done with a few makeup products that are probably already available in your makeup box. Read on to know these amazing hacks.

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Soothe Eye Bags:

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Inflamed and puffy eyes beat the purpose. For soothing puffy eyes, put some ice on eye bags to reduce the swelling and cool things down. You can also use ice pads to soothe puffy eyes.

Goodbye Dark Circles:


Dark circles also make the eyes appear smaller. So, to ease dark circles, apply the concealer and foundation on your eyes to prevent the discoloration and even the skin tone. Make sure you apply both concealer and foundation properly so that there is no whitewash.

Dramatic Waterlines:


Just like you apply Kajal on the lower waterline, pull up your lashes and apply a liner or kohl on the upper lash line instead. It will make your lashes and eyes appear that they actually are.

Lighten The Lower Lash Line:

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Apply white or nude colour on your lower waterline to get bigger eyes. A lighter colour will open up the eyes and make them appear bigger.

Final Steps:

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Curl your lashes is one of the most obvious final steps to make your eyes bigger. Now apply two coats of mascara on your lashes to give them a doe-eyed finish.

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Isn’t it easy? So try these makeup tricks and make your eyes look bigger!

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