10 Apps Everyone Should Have In Their Smartphones In 2021

Neither we nor our smartphones are SMART without apps. There are millions in the store and you can download as per your needs and interests, but are you downloading the right ones. We are talking about apps everyone should have. Food delivery services, cab and hotel booking apps, educational and entertainment apps; of course we all have these in our devices.

What we lack is the one that makes our life smoother, productive, and safe. All are listed here at one place and what’s great about them is they are FREE.

Essential Apps Every Android and iOS Users Should Have Now

  1. Mint

mint app

Whether you have a saving goal or simply need to track your expenses; Mint can do everything for you. More than 25 million people trust this bill tracking application and achieve their financial goals. Here are its features:

  • It cut down the monthly burden of managing the budgets and calculations that frustrate everyone.
  • Mint also tracks all your bills (electricity, rent, payments, shopping, grocery, etc…) right from day 1
  • It serves you a customized budget to help you spend smarter.
  • With Mint, you can avoid spending on late fees which improves the credit score.
  • It also guides you about the right investment.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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2. 1mg

1mg app

Covid-19 has opened up the gates of so many health issues now that one cannot deny the importance of 1 mg. It is India’s leading medical consultation app with more than 1 million installations worldwide. 1 mg brings doctors to your home via a virtual platform where one can take free consultations from the best doctors in India.


  • Users can order medicines from the registered medical stores
  • Take health advice and guidelines
  • Book lab tests in their locality
  • Go through all the medical information in one place

This Android app is serving in more than 1000 cities in India and collaborated with all trusted brands like SBL Homeopathy, OneTouch, Dabur.

3. Healthify Me

healthify me

Weight loss is the next big after-money goal we all have at one point in time. But the amount of information and guidelines available on the internet one can easily get confused. Switch to Healthify Me. It gives you detailed insights into your diet, tracks your physical activities, suggests your health condition, and more.

Features of Healthify Me:

  • Connect users with diet coaches
  • A nutrition calculator keeps track of your daily diet
  • Gives unlimited access to healthy recipes
  • Suggest a workout that syncs your weight loss and fitness goals
  • A personal assistant Ria answers all your health-related queries

All these features make Healthiffy Me one of the best apps everyone should have to stay fit and healthy.

4. Pocket 


Pocket is for curious minds who like to be surrounded with good stuff every time. It lets you keep all the latest stories and articles from your favorite genre in your pocket. You can read stuff from best publishers such as Medium, NY Times, Buzzfeed, Twitter, and more without opening a browser or switching between multiple news apps.

And if you are running out of time, simply turn on the audio feature and listen to all your saved posts. However, Pocket offers in-app products at minimal cost to enjoy its advanced features such as scrolling the paid subscriptions.

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5. If This Then That 

apps everyone should have

The name may sound like it’s not very useful but those who like to be organized will find it worthy. IFTT gives you better control over different applications and gadgets like Alexa. Users can do almost everything from taking backup photos automatically to turning on lights in their homes. Features:

  • Give you a daily weather forecast
  • Notifies about the content you wish to read
  • Improves social media experience
  • Post on Twitter and Instagram from one app
  • Back up important documents on your device
  • Control home appliances from mobile phone

Simply allow IFTT to use important apps in your devices to use these features.

6. 112 India

apps everyone should have

One of the highly recommended apps everyone should have is this indigenous SOS application. 112 is your savior in urgency when there’s nobody at the help. It sends details of users in distress whenever they press a panic button and alert State Emergency Control Room.

Press a panic button. 112 app alerts the state emergency control room and sends a local volunteer to help.

7. Words With Friends 2

words with friends

Unlike other gaming applications that keep you stuck with a useless scenario and do not help you grow, WWF2 lets you learn. It includes crossword and puzzle games that improve your vocabulary whilst having fun. This is a multiplayer app with no third-party ads and subscription.

8. DigiLocker


Keeping a copy of all important documents on the mobile phone is not safe. Use Digi locker which is an application developed under the program of Digital India by GOI. It gives you a dedicated space to store and protect all the files via password. You can access them from anywhere at any time without the need of carrying a physical copy of each.

9. Umang

Umang App

Discover all the central and state government services at Umang. The app is developed by MeitY in collaboration with National e-Governance Division. It serves vital information from education, healthcare, agriculture, and other sectors at your fingertips.

10. ToDoIst

todoist app

TodoIst is a productive planner application. More than 20 million users are taking advantage of this app and keeping themselves organized. The app was listed as the best application by The Verge. Here is everything you can do with Todoist:

  • Organize important tasks
  • Set deadlines and reminders to avoid last-minute work
  • Set priority for each task
  • Track the progress of work
  • Collaborate with others and assign them tasks

Professionals can take the pro plan by subscribing to monthly or yearly payments.

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These 10 apps everyone should have because they not only keep you focused and informed but also saves space in your devices by eliminating unnecessary apps. So, uninstall the less-used application and download these now.


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