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Business Apps that will help to Execute Work Smoothly

In today’s life there is much pressure of work, we need to be constantly active and do many tasks at the same time such as documentation, scheduling appointments, mailing many people, looking after stakeholders, managing finances, communicating information, etc. In order to do all these tasks with less errors there are many Essential Business Apps available which can lessen our burden and help to do the work in a systematic way. Following are some of these applications:

  1. Trello


This is an app which makes your work organized. Basically you take a pen and paper and write about all your plans and activities, but this pen paper thing may create confusions , so Trello becomes useful at that that time, these are digital cards where you can attach files, set dates, time, descriptions and links. It arranges the projects into boards. This app indicates what is being worked, who is doing what and where it is in a process. Thus its like a small digital notebook which you can carry anywhere on your smartphone and access it from PC through the web.

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  1. Scanner Pro

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This is quite a familiar app, if you want to send a physical document in a digital form, just switch to this app and scan any document which you need. It scans and combines documents into professional PDFs with full clarity.

  1. Expensify


Expensify looks after the expenses and receipt tracking part. It carries out the preaccounting process efficiently by keeping track of bills payment, generating invoices, collecting revenues, managing credit cards, etc and save hours of doing manual entries.Such Essential Business Apps prove to give the good results of our hardwork.

  1. Text Expander


Just imagine when we have to just write short forms or abbreviations and then it will automatically expand to big words and phrases and we complete our work quickly. This all can be possible through Text Expander, where you just need to create short abbreviations and it will automatically expand into complete words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs and thus get rid of writing full paragraphs and indulge in time consuming processes.

  1. Slack


It is considered as a best communication app. Here you can be multitasking activities easily. It is attached with so many features and you can interact not just individually but in groups too. This app allows you to upload and share files, tag collaborators, monitor activities and much more. This messaging app adds superiority to business work.

  1. MindMeister

Essential Apps For Business

Well we have many ideas in our mind and we need to arrange it in some visualization technique in order to implement them properly, MindMeister helps in that, whenever we draw any visuals this app depicts it as mind maps and it indicates our projects, future strategies, or assigning of work to employees or any other information which we need to share with our co-workers or clients. We can use the app in a simple format or we can design these maps with some fonts, pictures, colors or shapes.

  1. Microsoft OneNote


This is a note making app with many features, hear you can record audio while making some notes and when you play back the same audio, those notes will also reappear. It will  make the work more polished and useful. OneNote is sync with other Microsoft products.

  1. Toggl


It keeps track of the time your day to day activities. This app enhances your productivity by letting you know where your much time is consumed. Here you need to update the categories for your various types of work like helping employees, invoicing, documentation and then as you start executing the tasks you need to start and stop your Toggl timer, it will monitor your time through charts and reports. All these Essential Business apps are really necessary for our day to day lives






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