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5 Best Speech Therapy Apps For Kids With Speech Disorders

Stuttering, speech-sound disorders, dysarthria, and other common speech issues can make a child’s life tough. If not treated, the children can suffer from anxiety and depression too so parents have to put every effort to improve their communication skills. Technology is serving the best and effective solutions to help your child deal with these issues. Here are the best speech therapy apps for free made specifically for kids, toddlers, and even adults with speech disorders.

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Best Speech Therapy Apps For Free 

Speech Tutor

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Hire a personal tutor for your kids with a Speech tutor. The audio and video features of the app allow the children to effectively communicate with others. The application majorly works by teaching the anatomy of human vocal so that they can use their tongue better to produce a specific sound.

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All you have to do is to select a sound from the animated videos in the Speech tutor and practice as guided by the app. It is hard to keep your kids regular with speech therapy apps because not all come with interesting features and creative lessons. However, Speech tutor has games and movies to increase the engagement of users.

It also comes with a parent-friendly screen so that both kids and parents can use the app at convenience.

Articulation Station Pro

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The app uses a fun way to teach your kids how to produce sounds. There are different levels from simple to advance whereby kids can practice as many as 22 different sounds. Each level has a unique way to teach via stories to increase engagement among kids.

There are activities like matching, rotating sentences, and flashcards for fun learning. The graphics are very well designed to create interest in kids. They can also track their progress and get feedback to figure out the areas of improvement.

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Tally Tots

tally tots

If your kid faces a problem with pronouncing word combinations, take the help of Tally Tots as the app comes with mini-games having educational content to resolve speech issues. There are also 20 puzzles to improve your kid’s counting, sequencing, and other concepts.

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One of the best apps for those struggling with stammering is DAF pro (Delayed Auditory Feedback). The app works by recording the voice and analyze the speech to identify where you need to work. With practice, one can learn how to speak slowly and accurately pronounce the letters.

It is also great for those suffering from Parkinson’s. The app is, however, not available for free and is originally developed for iOS users.


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Aliens and spaceships are widely loved by the kids, utilizing the power of fiction and games software developers have come up with this unique app Splingo. With this app, your kids will learn more about adjectives, nouns, verbs, and prepositions so that they can pronounce complex words easily. It also teaches different aspects of language to kids stage-wise.

The best part of this speech therapy app is that parents can customize the app according to their kid’s difficulty levels. There are four different levels for kids of all age groups so that everyone can take advantage of the app.

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