World’s loneliest water frog is finally getting a date

water frog

For the last 10 years, Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog has been alone and single. But not anymore! The frog is housed in a museum in Bolivia, scientists probably found a companion for Romeo, which is apparently the last living water frog of his species.

According to the CNN report, large-eyed amphibian won the hearts last year when conservationists made a playful profile for him.

Romeo, and his love interest, whom scientists named Juliet, will now set up a blind date on Valentine’s Day, in an effort to save their species.

The whole process began when Bolivia’s Alcide d’Orbigny Natural History Museum shared a partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation to raise money for Romeo’s search for a partner.

Soon after this, the zoologist Teresa Camacho led a frog-search campaign through the cloud forests of Bolivia, last month. On the first day, after the discovery, the research team discovered a frog.

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Camacho said, Still, “I noticed the habitat was in good condition, so we had hope,” and added that they went back the very next day and found four more frogs consisting- two female and two male.

Juliet is at the right age for reproduction. Others are small and are not ready yet, Camacho said.
But Romeo and Juliet might not be compatible too.

The museum, which also helped protect the rare Titicaca water frog, rely on the newly found small frogs, the Romeo-Juliet encounter didn’t go as planned, for the conservation of species.

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