Wedding approaching? Here are sure-fire ways to grow your hair


Some brides dream to have long, shiny and glossy tresses on their D-day.

While one can’t actually wave a magic wand to suddenly grow one’s hair, There are a few conjuring ways to boost up hair growth by a little more than usual.

As per experts, beginning a healthy and conscious hair-care system at-least 5-6 months prior is a good idea. Before even commencing a hair-care routine, it’s fundamental to practice patience, because as they say- patience is the key to success and the results of success is always fruitful.
Here are some sure-fire ways by Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, to grow your hair quickly before your wedding day:-

hair growth

Massage them tresses- Applying oil to the hair is a great way to boost blood circulation and also offer the much-needed moisture.

Brides with already oily hair must apply oil once a week and if you have dry hair, you should apply hair oil at least twice in a week.

Go chemical free- Using eco-conscious shampoos with no silicones, sulfites, parabens and colorant will definitely work to remove away impurities without over-stripping.

It aids in balancing hair’s optimal moisture levels, allowing it to stay healthier-looking and full of life.
Regular shampoos have a lot of chemicals which are as hard as detergents which greatly reduce the hair and moisture of the scalp. These regular shampoos should be completely dissolved from the bride-to-be’s bathroom!

Deep conditioning- Going gaga over conditioners with real plant-based ingredients like Babassu oil, coconut oil, and honey is a good way to encourage hair growth.

Using a natural product will gradually and steadily reduce fizziness, leaving them smoother and manageable.

Say no to styling and external heat: The excess heat from hair dryers and hair straightener can be a hindrance in the growth of hair.

While the bride-to-be is going on all the efforts to increase hair growth, using a hair dryer for styling or just drying the hairs can make the hair roots weaker, occurring in breakage.

Hair is at the most sensitive stage when wet and one should deal with it like a silk blouse- don’t iron or heat it up.

Additionally, It’s good to use a brush with flattened or rounded teeth or fumes, which will rub the hair and scalp without breaking them.

It comforts one’s head which in turns improves blood circulation and encourages the scalp while regularly giving the hair’s natural oils from root to tip.

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Silk pillowcase for silky hair- Our hair releases natural oils that keep one’s hair healthy. Each day, we spend 10-11 hours on a rayon, cotton, or polyester fabric pillow which can permeate all that oil from hair, leaving it dry.

Replacing cotton pad with a silk one can be active for hair and skin; it’s like even while sleeping one is seeking a hair care routine.

Don’t over wash- Washing hair every day of the week may appear in the removal of natural oils that can sustain one’s scalp and stimulate hair growth.”Also, it’s not just what you set in the hair that can have an effect but also what you put in your plate that will restore the hair growth.

Agrawal said; No doubt, Eating healthy food is one of the biggest secrets for not just lustrous hairs but also for a healthier and gleaming skin,”.

“Including foods rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin E, zinc and protein helps in strengthening hair shaft and making it grow faster. It has a long-lasting impact on not just the growth but also improve the texture and quality of hair. Foods like eggs, fish, oranges, and nuts like sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and flax seeds are hair friendly nuts as they have plenty of healthy fats and protein that is helpful in hair growth,” she concluded.