Bizarre Museum Of Illusions In Dubai will turn you upside down

    Museum Of Illusions

    The museum is a charm that we find everywhere whenever going to the travel destinations, right? While some of us are curious about visiting museums, others find it boring and just ignore it. But, if you think that the museum is only about history, art, science and more, then we have a news that will prove to be wrong for you!

    Ames room Museum of Illusions

    Dubai is one such country which never disappoints you in terms of fun and bizarre attractions and this time the city is coming up with a special museum! Yes, you heard that right. An all-new Museum of Illusions is opening soon in Dubai and it will leave you awestruck with what it’s going to offer you.

    This new museum is occupying its position at the Emirate’s Al Seef development near Dubai Creek. The museum features the largest collection of approximately 80 exhibits and visual illusions. The museum set to offer everything for the leisure of humans.

    A few viewings in the Museum of Illusions offers Vortex tunnel, a rotating cylinder which would play a gimmick with your brain letting you to the world where the ground under your feet is shifting.

    The Vortex of Tunnel at Museum of Illusions

    There’s an Ames room which would make you shrink or grow and many more.

    Shrink room Museum of Illusions

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    The Head on a Platter is there to freak you out!

    the Head on platter Museum of Illusions

    The Upside-Down Room will wonder you like literally!

    The upside down room at Museum of Illusions

    Are you a lover of doing something freakish? this section is for you.

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    The best part about this appealing storehouse of amazement is that you won’t see any ‘Photography not allowed’, ‘Prohibited Areas’ or ‘Do not touch’ signs here. It will instead boost you to participate as much as you can and click bulk and bulk of pictures possible during this adventurous trip of yours.

    On Wednesday, September 12, The Museum of Illusions will be open in Dubai for the visitors at 2:00 pm and the prices for enjoying this adventure are DH80 for adults & DH60 for children (per person)*. In the series of world’s fastest growing museum chain, the first of its kind was opened in Croatia in 2015.

    So, mark your calendars to experience this eye-opening adventure you don’t want to miss.

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    You can have a similar glimpse of the Museum Of Illusions in Muscat, Oman