Woman In Sleeveless Top & Jeans Stopped From Appearing For Driving Test, Citing Improper Clothing. Seriously?

India is attaining summits of achievements, be it in space programs, sports, Films, Noble laureates and what not! Sadly, in these progressive times, the mind of some people are still stuck somewhere in the 1950s.

The recent victim of such narrow reasoning is a woman from Chennai, who works for a Software Firm. She appeared for a driving test wearing sleeveless top and jeans and was allegedly turned away by the RTO Official owing to improper clothing!

Via: Dailyhunt

According to News18, the incident took place in KK Nagar.

Not feeling even an ounce of guilt, the official further added:

“What is wrong in asking people who come here to be attired properly as they would while going to their own office. Whether it is men or women, the general advice is to come dressed in proper clothes. It is not moral policing.”

Via: Daily Mail

First, you bully the woman in the name of culture and then you try to reason it by lame arguments? Did you forget your brain when you travelled to the 1950s?

FYI, this is not the first time a woman has been ‘moral policed’ in the name of proper clothes. Another woman wearing a Capri was sent back home citing the same reasons.

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