Things You Will Find Relatable If You Grew Up With Indian Parents!

We Indians love our culture and growing up in an Indian household we all had some unspoken rules.
As much as we loved our parents, not all of us loved the nagging and close to zero privacy.
Some of us still don’t understand why open doors were an alien concept to our parents.
But after everything we survived and now look back at those times when we lived with our parents.

Here are some things you’ll find relatable if you grew up with Indian parents:

Your earliest childhood memories when the guests came over is performing a talent show

talent show

Remember the time when the relatives came over and your mom told them about how good you are at dancing or singing and made you do it against your will. Such pleasant memories right?

Unconventional career paths are not an option!

Unconventional career paths
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Growing up with Indian parents, one thing we all knew is marks can never be treated as numbers. They are a matter of pride for our parents and when it comes to choosing a career we have conventional choices like being a doctor, engineer, lawyer, scientist or a disgrace to the family.

No privacy until you move out!


Indian parents and privacy cannot exist in the same room. Every time you get a call, they are going to ask you who it was and would love to listen to the entire conversation. The worst part is you can’t even close the doors of your room because every time you do, they freak out that you are planning to harm yourself. *Privacy left the conversation*

You can’t have sleepovers ever!

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Sleepovers are an alien concept, because according to our parents why would we want to sleep in someone else’s home when you have our own? And since they never let their kids go, you can’t have one as the only one coming are your parents.

Study hard, you can all the fun later!

Study hard
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When we are at school, we are told to study hard for a good college. When we reach college we have the pressure of exceeding as our lives depend on our future jobs. When we finally get the job, we are pressured into marriage. All this time all we did was a struggle and we are still wondering about the fun part! *Regrets not having a life*

Our parents love to exaggerate about their childhood struggles!

childhood struggles
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“Dad, can I have a phone?”, You know beta when we were your age we didn’t have phones. We used to train pigeons to send messages. Okay! This may sound unrealistic but so does their stories. It’s not our fault they didn’t have the technology.

You can face the wrath of your parents if you exceed your back to the home time limit

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First of all, we have to take permission to go out and that too in advance. Then there is a time limit to it and if you may have exceeded it you know how it ends. There are going to 20 missed calls from mom on your phone, her constant calling on your friend’s phone and a long lecture when you reach home.

Even though we struggled a bit, it is nice to have parents who want us to excel and love us unconditionally and as grown-ups, we almost understand their point!

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