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Why Henna Hair Pack Is Beneficial For Hair?

We all know that keratin protein present in our hair helps to keep them strong. But many of us might be unfamiliar that these proteins can be damaged due to oxidative stress, pollution, chemicals, UV rays, heating tools, and much more. Therefore, we need something that helps to repair and rejuvenate your hair.

So, if you are looking for a solution, then a hair pack is an ideal choice for you. There are so many hair packs available in the market, but henna hair pack is the right choice for you.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Henna


Henna is considered as an ingredient for coloring and used in almost every hair color product. But do you know that this amazing ingredient can do much more than color your hair? Well, henna has the ability to maintain the overall health of your hair. The other benefits that henna offers are conditioning, balancing PH levels, and repairing the damage.

Keep reading to know how henna is beneficial for your hair and how you can add henna in your hair care routine.

  • It improves scalp health
  • This versatile ingredient enhances hair color
  • Conditions your hair
  • It not only repairs damage but also strengthens your hair
  • Henna control the level of PH and oil production
  • It controls hair loss and promotes hair growth

You can find plenty of henna packs in the salon or market. But it would be best to prepare it yourself at home. So, here are some homemade henna packs that you should try.

Amla And Henna Hair Mask:


This pack is rich in protein and nourishment that reduces hair fall and boosts hair growth.


  • Three tablespoons henna powder
  • 1 cup amla powder
  • One egg white
  • One lemon
  • Two tablespoons fenugreek powder

How To Prepare?

  • Make a paste of amla, fenugreek powder by adding some water to the mix
  • Then, add lemon juice and egg white to the paste
  • Keep the mixture in room temperature for an hour
  • Apply this pack on your hair from the roots to the scalp and leave it for an hour
  • After that, use shampoo and rinse it with cool water.
  • For a fast result, use this pack every week.

To conclude, we hope that this article will help you to prepare a natural henna hair pack at home. So try this natural pack and get long and healthy hairs.

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