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BMW Collides With Metro Train: Watch The Video At Your Own Risk

A metro train crushed a BMW car trying to cross the metro track in the US city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police shared the video of the incident on social media site Twitter. The video shows a BMW car stops near the metro track. A traffic signal is dropped. As the car moves forward, ignoring the fallen traffic signal, the metro train from the other side hits it.

According to KTLA, the incident occurred in South Los Angeles before 11 am on Tuesday. However, despite the car being badly bruised, the driver suffered only minor injuries and managed to escape safely.

The Los Angeles Police Department, while sharing a video of this shocking incident, wrote, ‘It could have also been a sad result.’ With this, the police department warned the rest of the drivers to be careful around the railway track.

He said;

This could’ve had a tragic outcome. Fortunately, the driver survived with minor injuries, but this should serve as a good reminder to all of us — pay attention near train tracks and always obey all traffic signals and devices.

Below is a tweet showing what’s left of the car.

The video shared by the officer is to remind people to pay proper attention while crossing arms.

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