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WhatsApp To Roll Out 21 New Emojis And New Group Features

WhatsApp is planning to roll out a large number of new features to issue in future updates of the application. The meta-owned application is advancing features to make the user interface better and private over all its versions.

The updates will be applicable for Android, iOS as well as Desktop. Some of the coming WhatsApp updates consist of 21 new emojis for the keyboard and a new approval feature accessible for group chat admins.

The Wabetainfo Report

As per the report from Wabetainfo, a site that keeps an eye on all the advancements in WhatsApp discloses that the platform is checking 21 new emojis for its Android beta users. 


With the new group of emojis, users will not have to seek a different keyboard to send the given emojis in the chat. 

Adding to this, WhatsApp is also developing a new feature that will allow the users who are admins of the respected groups to approve new participants. 

Also, the feature will provide more control to group admins as they will be capable of restricting the number of people, who can come to join the group as well as manage the group chat very well. 

21 New Emojis From WhatsApp

Let us take a sneak peek at when WhatsApp is thinking of issuing these lined-up features and how they will actually work.


A Wabetainfo report highlights that the instant messaging application is experimenting with 21 new emojis for its Android beta users. 

It clearly suggests that the new batch of emojis is now accessible for the Androif beta version and is anticipated to launch for all Android users in the coming updates. 

It is important to note that the new emojis are a part of WhatsApp’s newest Unicode 15.0 update. Before this, the new emojis were not available as they were at the developing stage. 

But at this time, WhatsApp is experimenting and issuing the emojis officially for its users. It is suggested for customers keep their WhatsApp application updated to have all the newest updates adding the new emojis in the keyboard. 

The Update Under Experiment

As per the report, the new approval feature is accessible for experimenting with the newest version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android. 


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The new approval feature will be useful for customers who want to restrict or want to have control over the number of people who are capable of joining the group if anyone wants to join via the group invite link. 

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