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Apple CEO Supported Decision For Early Launch Of MR Headset

The Mixed Reality headset of Apple is making headlines for a probable launch very shortly. The Mixed Reality product is anticipated to roll out in 2023, as per the report of the Financial Times. 

The report highlights that the chief executive officer, Tim Cook choosed the operations team’s decision more than the concerns of the design team, the media outlet further stated. 

The operation unit of Apple targets to take a “version one” headset identical to the ski goggles which will allow users to witness “3D video, do interactive sessions or chat with real avatars,” by face time, the report notes. 


At the same time, the design team wanted an extension in the launch date to make a thinner and lighter model is an option. 

To roll out the headset sooner, Cook decided to go towards the functions chief Jeff Williams, as per the “people well known with the decision-making of Apple” quotes the report. 

An ex-engineer at Apple revealed that this is a “logical progression” of the firm’s route under the dominance of Cook, quotes Financial Times. 

The Mixed Reality Headsets By Apple

The Mixed Reality Headsets are possibly to have interior Micro OLED displays having a 4k resolution. Both the eyes will be witnessed by a camera and also other sensors will help, “use both facial expressions along with the body movements,” MacRumors reported quoting The Information.


Also, the headset is anticipated to ship with the H2 chip along with a “Digital Crown- such as dial” to change between virtual and physical surroundings. The value of the headset is anticipated to be more than $3000, as per the quoted source. 

This is about three times the recent price of Meta Quest Pro, the most developed headset offered by Meta. 

The Cupertino grounded giant is anticipating orders for a million units in the starting 12 months, the financial times reports, quoting “two people knowing the Apple’s planning very well. 

Plan From Seven Years

The headset has been in growing stage from seven years. It is expected the firm may issue the headsets with augumented reality and virtual reality functionality somewhere in June, the Financial Times further went on to state. 


This clashes with the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event of Apple.  Apple is also making a “marketing blitz” for the product, pending later in 2023. 

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The team had been delaying the launch for a very long time, but let us see what happens this time.

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