What Chacha Nehru Did for India as Prime Minister: Must-Know on His Death Anniversary?

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of India, was more than his post and beloved Chacha Nehru of every child. What Nehru did for India is a sign of dedication. He had served his entire life in making India a sovereign, secular, and democratic nation. Achievements of Nehru are thus, not only his rewards and recognitions, but also India’s achievements.

On the death anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, we are reciting his works, dedication, and how he became the architect of modern India.

What Nehru Did for India?

what nehru did for india

For the very first time India got a leader who comes from within a country and ready to die for it. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had a big responsibility after independence to build a pillar for country that will help it stand strong in coming times. Here’s how he built those pillars and shaped the country.

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01. United India

united india

India was not one state then, many princely states were a part of the region but did not believe them as one. Nehru being a leader took this job as the first priority. He gave this tough task to the iron man of India because only he could do that.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel and V.P. Menon under his administration brought more than 500 regions together either by crook or hook. However, a few states like J&K, Tripura, and Manipur were still hard to convince but with exceptions they succeed in making one India.

02. Gave a Vision to India

nehru signing indian constituiton

Constitution of India, which is known as the supreme law and steel framework of India, was Nehru’s vision. Though Dr B.R. Ambedkar was called as Father of Indian Constitution, it was Nehru who drafted a resolution to make constituent assembly for making India’s Constitution.

03. Gifted Major Educational Institutions

what nehru did for india

A nation without education is a book without knowledge. Nehru being deeply passionate about education gifted major institutions for youth and country’s progress. These are:

  1. IIT Kharagpur (1950)
  2. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (1956)
  3. IIT Bombay (1958)
  4. IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras (1959)
  5. National School of Drama (1959)
  6. IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Calcutta (1961)
  7. Indian National Committee for Space Research (1962)

These major institutions are today the most reputed educational organizations.

04. Compulsory Education for Kids

nehru death anniversary

Nehru knew merely constructing big institutions is not enough to make youth knowledgeable. The benefit should reach to the ground thus, he guaranteed free and compulsory education to all children in his 5-year plans.

He also started various enrolment programs, schools, vocational and technical centres for adults. Initiatives like free meals to kids at schools were double sword to help bringing children to schools and fight malnutrition.

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05. Big Infrastructure Developments

nehru death anniversary

Jawaharal Nehru gave lifetime gifts to our country in the form of The Bhakra-Nangal Dam, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Limited, and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

Despite all these works, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was and still criticized for what he did to India. A few dislike him but this won’t erase what Nehru ji did for India and its people. His death anniversary is a time to salute and appreciate his contributions in freedom and making of India.


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