Weird Food Items People Actually Eat!

We, humans, love experimenting with our food and that’s how we created so many cuisines and fusion dishes that are mouthwatering and delicious. But, not everyone prefers normal food some people have weird preferences and want their soups full of blood and plates with alive stuff!

Here is a list of some weird food items that people eat!

Dancing Squid Rice Bowl!

Dancing Squid Rice Bowl!

How would you feel if your food suddenly comes to life just before you try to eat it? Scary right! Well, Katsu ika Odori-don is a Japanese dish that has a squid on top of a rice bowl. They remove the brain of the squid before serving so it’s technically dead, but the moment you pour soy sauce on it, your happy meal turns into an alive twitching squid that is trying to escape from your bowl! *Horror* Now you can either catch it and gulp it down when it tries to choke you *literally* or run away!

Crocodile Paws

Crocodile Paws

If you fear crocodiles or had a weird encounter with one, drown your fears with this famous dish in Singapore. It contains crocodile paws that taste like enlarged chicken feet. (Chicken feet is also a weird dish but preferred by many people). Crocodile meat has health benefits too! They have less fat and more protein. Go for this dish if you want to eat your fears instead of facing them!

The Sour Toe Cocktail!

The Sour Toe Cocktail!
Via: Live Science

Eating live animals and dead crocodiles were fine, but a real human toe that’s insane! But, for some people, it’s the toe that adds the complex flavour to their cocktails. The sour toe cocktail came from Dawson City where Captain Dick Stevenson found a frostbitten toe of a minor in alcohol. He took it to the bar and the rest is history. A lot of people have swallowed the toe and paid heavy fines but come on! No matter how heavy the fine is some people can’t resist the flavour. Now there is a rule when you order this cocktail, you have to touch the toe with your lips when you drink it down!

Witchetty Grub or Live Worm!

Live Worms
Via: ABC

This is a very popular cuisine in Australia they are large, white larvae that eat wood. They were earlier eaten because of their high protein content in the desert but then even when Australians had plenty of food! Guess what they still wanted to keep eating? Yes, these gross worms that they serve in restaurants in soups and dishes. They are eaten alive and you can feel the worm wriggling inside your mouth! Surprisingly they taste like almonds but don’t eat their heads or you’ll end up with a bite and slimy fluids coming out from your mouth.

Beating Heart Of A Cobra!

Beating Heart Of A Cobra

This horrible dish is served in Hanoi Snake Village in Vietnam. The snake is first tortured and cut for it’s beating heart. After that, it is drained of all its blood and bile which is poured into shot glasses to drink. The rest of the body is cooked with rice and served as a delicacy. So much for animal rights! But beware if you have any cuts in your mouth, you will probably end up dead.

Are you Daring enough to try these delicacies?

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