Watch: Thief Returns Money After Checking Woman’s Bank Balance


In China’s Haiyan city, the thief robbed a woman first and then returned her money. A video of this incident became viral on the internet, after which people are praising the thief.

In this CCTV video you can see that the woman is withdrawing money from ICBC Bank ATM, only then a thief comes there. The thief snatches all the money from the woman on knifepoint.

According to the Shanghaiist, the woman gave fear to 2500 yuan robbers, who had escaped from the ATM. After this, the thief asked the woman to withdraw more money from the ATM machine.

When he installed an ATM card, after seeing the woman’s balance she returned the money to the woman. This act of thieves forced people to sympathize with him.

See how some people reacted to this kind gesture by a robber:

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