Coinstar: Sell Bitcoins through vending machines at grocery stores


Coinstar: Sell Bitcoins through vending machines at grocery stores: Coinstar, the company responsible for change-counting kiosks, has collaboration with Coinme, a startup that operates cryptocurrency-dispensing ATMs in the US, to sell Bitcoin at places such as grocery stores.

As per the sources, Coinstar functions a huge network that could be allowed to dispense the digital currency. A user will be able to easily purchase Bitcoin with cash.

This is the method of how the system will work. It will give away a voucher for a Bitcoin redemption code that will point you to Coinme, once you insert your paper money into one of these Bitcoin-dispensing kiosks. A limit of USD 2500 is there and one needs to link a contact number to the transaction.

At the same time, there are some dealers accepting Bitcoin transactions, the controversial digital currency is still far from hugely widespread.

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