Viral Video: US President Joe Biden Falls Asleep At Cop 26 Summit, Gets Trolled

All the major world leaders are at one place right now- Cop26 Summit- at Glasgow, Scotland. More than 100 countries including India, Australia, the U.S, the U.K, and Africa have gathered here with one concern and aim- how to reduce negative climate change. But the highlight of the second day of the 26th Conference of The Parties was U.S President Joe Biden.

What he did will leave you surprised as it did others. The 78-year old fell asleep just before the Prime Minister of Italy arrived at the stage. The moment was caught by a reporter of Washington who shared a clip on Twitter. Watch it here

This captured everyone’s attention including former US President Donald Trump more than his speech during COP 26 summit. Trump said, “Nobody that has true enthusiasm and belief in a subject will ever fall asleep.”

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Here’s How Netizens Reacted On Biden’s Quick Nap At Cop 26 Summit

After Italy’s PM Mario Draghi, Biden came to the stage and gave his speech on how to present climate change as a threat to human existence. He also asked world leaders and environmental activists- Will we do what is necessary or condemn future generations to suffer.”

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Biden agreed that the US is one of the major and wealthy polluters so its responsibility is huge too. He talked about the country’s commitment to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and bring global heating levels below 1.5C.

Joe Biden also expressed his concern about the efforts by big leaders China and Russia. But not everyone was satisfied with his words at Glasgow Cop 26 Summit and said he came empty-handed with nothing on paper.

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