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Viral Video: Lion Climbs On Top Of A Car Near Johannesburg

Safari parks are thrilling and fun to spend your vacation. However, there are some safety measures you you must follow to guard yourself against the ferocious animals.

A video went viral on social media where a lion is seen climbing on top of a car full of tourists in a Safari Park near Johannesburg.


The video went viral on social media and people took it to Reddit to share it with a larger audience. The incident happened a few days back but the video is going viral now.

The scary video literally gave us goosebumps, in the video you can also hear the tourists saying that the lion tried to open the door but failed to do so.

It is not a big deal for the lion to rip off the car. There was more than one lion as you can see in the video.

The person sitting inside the jeep very carefully reversed the car and as you can see the lion jumps off.

Watch The Video:

Fortunately, nothing happened to any tourists.

It is always advised to take the vehicle provided by the jungle, carrying your own vehicle can damage the car. In a panic situation, you might get yourself in trouble too.

There are forest guards present inside the jungle who keep looking for any vulnerabilities happening. If any wild animal comes and a situation like this arrives they come and help you out.


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