Try Hula Hoop For Weight Loss And Burn Upto 200 Calories

Frustrated with increasing weight but find exercises boring? We have a fun way to cut extra fat around your belly, try a hula hoop for weight loss. You won’t have to run for hours on treadmills, or sweat in the gym doing squats. Just a 30-minute of this aerobic activity can make you slim within few weeks.

Learn more about the hula hoop benefits below.

5 Benefits Of Hula Hoop For Weight Loss You Didn’t Know

hula hoop for weight loss

Researchers have done several studies to identify whether this simple-looking exercise can affect the size of your waist or not. And the good news is that it truly works. The only half-an-hour session can burn 200 calories as per the findings.

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It works on the waistline and hips to reduce fat resulting in low abdominal fat. Apart from these hula hooping benefits in a number of ways, here’s how:

1. Hula hooping regularly can improve the muscle mass and strengthen them

2. It also reduces the cholesterol level

3. Since it’s a fun exercise, it boosts your stamina and improves mental health too

4. Other than weight loss and adding strength to your body, hula hooping also improves your balance and posture

5. Builds core strength

It cost only a few bucks to buy a weighted hula hoop but the benefits you reap are satisfying. However, one has to pick the right size and weight to get the most out of it. A hula hoop of 37 to 41 inches in diameter is said to be good for adults.

hula hoop for weight loss

Talking about its weight, get a less heavy one that weighs around 1-5 pounds. Exercising with a heavier one will be difficult and you will feel exhausted soon. But you can increase weight as you get more confidence and strength.

Once you learn how to do the hula hooping, add these workouts to your list for better results.

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Hula Hoop Workouts For Weight Loss

hula hoop for weight loss

• Side Stretch– Keep the ring at your back and hold it with both hands. Bend each side in a row

• Hooping with piles– Spread your legs and hands. Bend down in squats position while hooping

• Hula hoop passing– Pass the ring around your waist using both hands

• Lunges+ Hula hoop– Take the ring in your right hand and stretch the left hand outward. Step forward with right knee and bend down whilst moving the ring

These four workouts are only warm-up exercises before you begin the real workout for weight loss. Continue these for weeks and get a slim waist faster.

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