Love Challenges? Here Are The Trending Social Media Challenges For You

Apart from the covid-19 challenges that the world is facing, the internet is flooded with fitness challenges as well. Whether its Instagram or TikTok, everyone is giving some challenges to others. Well, it does not matter which social media challenge you accept, but the motivation they provide is essential.

What are the prevalent social media challenges on social media during the lockdown? Don’t know, then here is a complete list. Check out those and accept the one you feel comfortable and exciting. Post it on Instagram and stay away from the boredom during the lockdown.

Prevalent Social Media Challenges To Accept During Lockdown

The Plank Challenge

social media challenge

Well, it is not necessary to know who gave this challenge. Planks are an excellent exercise to keep you fit, which is essential during the lockdown. One of the exciting parts is that you have to perform plank on the beats of the song. Can you do it?

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100 Skipping Challenge

skipping challenge

Love skipping, then you should take this challenge. You have to do 100 skips at one go. It sounds easy at first, but most of the people failed to do this. So, can you win this challenge? Almost anyone can do skipping, right. So, this is a perfect challenge to stay fit.

Upside-Down T-Shirt Challenge

fitness challenge

One of the personal fitness challenges among celebrities is this one. The name itself suggests what you have to do. Just wear a T-shirt but in an upside-down position. In short, you have to wear it while doing a handstand. Sounds easy, No!

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Clock Leg

social media challenge

Let see how much you can push yourself for a challenge. A clock leg challenge is precisely to challenge your limits. Here, your legs are the hands of a clock that you have to move as much as you can. In short, you have to make as many hours of position you can. Your legs are going to hurt a lot after this challenge.

Bring Sally Up Challenge

fitness challenge

It may sound confusing to you, but bring sally up is a song. Well, so what is the challenge? To sing, Nope! You have to do squats when the song says it. Don’t think it’s easy at all as you cannot get up until the song says,” bring sally up.”

So, these are the hottest and trending social media fitness challenge. Let’s see how many you can accept and win.

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