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Trend Alert: This Dyed Bangs Hairstyle Is Taking Over The Internet; What Are You Waiting For?

Undoubtedly, we have a bunch of exaggerating things, but honestly speaking, life is too boring if there’s no adventure and drama to keep us going! Now, if you are a beauty enthusiast or fashionista just like us, you’ll definitely know the Dyed bangs trend. From celebrities to fashion influencers, everyone has tried this trendy dye bandwagon!

Dyed bangs trend is taking over Instagram and Tik Tok, and it’s high time to give it a try! Why is it popular? The reason is that all you need is a hair dye, and it will be effective even if you have no hair dying experience.

For this amazing trend, you need to divide a part of your hair in the front. Tie the rest in a bun. Now, start dying! Prepare the dye as mentioned on the packaging and apply it to your hair. Let it sit for the desired time, and wow, you’ll be ready to go!


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made this top (no sewing) tutorial in my story

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You are amazed to know that that there’ s also a DIY for this trend if you don’t want to commit any colour just like us. Just take a dyeing part and apply the concealer on it. Sounds weird? Well, trust us, it’s the best DIY to get dyed bangs. Now, take an eyeshadow palette and pick a colour you want. Use a brush or your fingers to put in your concealed hair. Let it dry, and voila, you now become a part of the trend!


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morning 🤍 sending my love and prayers to you all! i hope everyone is staying safe ☁️

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What are your views on this trend? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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