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Traits Of Self-Centered people!

We live in a world of social media, where people can easily pretend to be someone else. But that’s not the only thing you have to be careful about because even in your life there may be self-centred toxic people like your friends or partner who might be manipulating you for their selfish gain.

But, how do you know if someone is self-centred? It’s not like they come with a tag, right?

Don’t worry! Here are a few traits of self-centred people that will help you recognize them.

1. They have a false sense of Superiority!

self-centred people
Via: Inc.com

We all know someone who walks with their head held high and treat others like peasants, right?

Self-centred people have this false sense that they are superior to anyone else and are entitled to be treated like royalty as the world revolves around them. The moment you stop treating them like a superior, they’ll throw you out of their life.

2. They are controlling!

self-centred people
Via: The Honest Aquarian

As self-centred people already consider themselves superior, they feel a need to be controlling. If you have someone like that in your life, they’ll probably try to control your actions and your behaviour. If your partner is self-centred they would even try changing the company you keep and control your interactions with others.

3. They are manipulative!

self-centred people
Via: Medium

Ever found yourself doing something you hate? Ever felt like you changed yourself way too much in a relationship? If yes, this might be a sign that you are with a Self-Centered person because they try to emotionally manipulate you by feeding you false truth and by playing the victim card. By the time you realize what’s happening, you have already apologized for something you didn’t do. You may find it very hard to turn them down as they go to great lengths to get whatever they want.

4. They need validation!


self-centred people
Via: BBC

Self-centred people have self-doubt and because of this, they need constant validation from people around them. They feed on your compliments but no matter how much compliments they get, nothing is ever enough and they tend to do anything to get that validation.

5. They don’t take responsibility!

self-centred people
Via: The Meaningful Life Center

If things don’t go their way, Self-Centered people try to blame them on someone else. It’s never their fault and they don’t take any responsibility for their actions that may have caused damage. You’ll be lucky if they ever accepted their mistake because even when they do make mistakes, they still try to find a loophole to blame it on you.

6. They lack empathy!

self-centred people
Via: Healthline

Self-centred people don’t care about you or about what’s going on with your life. They tend to make everything about them. Even when they hurt your feelings, they won’t feel any regret and no amount of explanation on your part will make them realize this fact. The only time they pretend to be empathetic is when they want something from you.

If you are stuck with someone like this in your life, open the door and push them out immediately! Self-centred people are toxic to your emotional health and will drain all the happiness out of you.

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