Get Spoiled By Choice In Sweden- Europe’s Paradise Country

Welcome to the kingdom of Sweden!!!

It’s a paradise country with endless adventures, exotic romantic destinations, and unbelievable ice wonders for tourists. Europe’s 5th largest country has positivity in the air, love in the culture, and nobody can get bored here because there are ample things to do in Sweden.

But to be specific, we recommend you these top 7 places to visit in Sweden.

7 Best Things To Do In Sweden

#1. Stay At Jukkasjarvi

things to do in sweden

The Ice Hotel in Kiruna, a small town in the northwest of Sweden, is the coolest accommodation. Rooms and interiors get renovated each year as they are built from ice. However, it is not going to be a cheap stay but worth it as you can enjoy the northern light view at night.

You can also do ice skating during the day and play with huskies. Budget tours are also available but if you don’t want to stay a night at an ice hotel then book a guided tour. Just for a fun trip!

#2. Get Ready For Devil Ride At Liseberg

places to visit in sweden

Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg which is Sweden’s second-largest city has everything that can boost your adrenaline. The park is running since 1923 and highly popular among kids and adults. It offers good food, hosts musical events, has massive rides, and adventure never ends here.

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The best time to visit Liseberg is Christmas when the park is full of shops and visitors. In summer, the view of the park is incredibly beautiful and for the best view, takes a Big Wheel ride. This is the best way to capture some of the best photos of Gothenburg.

#3. Jamtland: The UNESCO City of Gastronomy

places to visit in sweden

If you are a big foodie, then take a taxi to Jamtland. The city is famous for its unique food destinations and even got a place on the UNESCO list for it. Jamtland is a very small area with limited food manufacturers but it is a heaven for food lovers.

Only seasonal ingredients, fresh veggies, and locally grown ingredients are used. There’s a lot to try so you may get confused, here is what to try at Jamtland:

1. Pizza Vulkanen/volcano Pizza at Nya Gul &Bla Restaurant
2. Fatost- Taste of Sweden
3. Gahkku- traditional flatbred of Sweden
4. Palt- Swedish dumplings
5. Smorgastarta- Sandwich cake

There are more than 1000 traditional Swedish recipes to try but you can begin with these 5 best at Jamtland. And also don’t forget to try the varieties of cheese available here.

#4. Explore The History Through Vasa Museum

places to visit in sweden

History lovers will find abundant places to visit in Sweden that will give them deep insight into the country’s past. To begin with, take a trip to Vasa Museum that has the only ship from the 17th century.

Besides this, you can also learn about Sweden’s history, medieval art, Norse mythology, and the everyday life of the ancestors at Vasa.

And not just Vasa Museum, Sweden holds its rich culture, history, and art at these best museums:

1. The Nordic Watercolor Museum

2. Swedish Glass Museum

3. The Prison Museum

4. ABBA the museum

5. Railway Museum Angelhom

#5. Live Fairy Tale Life At Drottningholm Palace

things to do in sweden

Stockholm is one of the best places to visit in Sweden especially because of its Drottningholm Palace. Once home to the Royal Family, Palace is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracting a million visitors across the globe.

The beautifully maintained square garden with zig-zag pathways, bronze sculptures, and terraced parks at Palace will give you a real fairy tale feel.

#6. One Day Trip At Hobbit Village

things to do in sweden

No electricity, no spacious rooms, luxurious assets, and full of wildlife. This is how you can define the Kolarbyn. It is Sweden’s hobbit village that surprisingly attracts tourists because of its beautiful moss-covered roofs and primitive lifestyle.

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It’s an ideal destination for camping during summer. Nearby lakes, sauna spots, small huts, and a fire-cooking experience will make your journey worthy at this hobbit village.

#7. Kolmarden Wildlife Park

things to do in sweden

One of the best things to do in Sweden is to explore the rich wildlife in Stockholm. However, the park lies outside the main city and is home to rare animals, birds, and marine creatures. Besides watching the wild view, you should take a fun class with Dolphins.

A unique show at the park is the Birds of Prey Show where you will watch cute little birds doing an air show for visitors. It’s a treat to the eyes. Your kids will also love the park because here lives the most famous Bear character, The Bamse.

things to do in sweden

The park has created a unique World of Bamse for kids where they can enjoy with Bamse and his friends. The restaurants, shops, and Gandola Safari will keep your excitement alive during the trip.

The journey and fun never end here but these best things to do in Sweden are great kick-starts for first-timers.

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