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Spain: The Heaven For Foodies, Adventure Junkies, And Party Lovers

Football, Bullfighting, Siesta, and La Tomatina are not the only things that define the beauty and culture of Spain. The list of best places to visit in Spain is endless because of its rich food and wine culture, Mediterranean festivals, beaches, Moorish architecture, and world-famous Flamenco dance.

But if you have never been to Spain, then you’ll be busy exploring only Barcelona, Madrid, and shopping malls. Take a quick tour with us to the 10 best places to visit Spain where you will get an amazing experience.

10 Best Places To Visit In Spain 

1. Ibiza: The Haven For Party Lovers

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If Party is in your mind, visit this vibrant city of Spain where the party never ends. The city is famous for world-class parties where you can enjoy the nightlife, music, drinks, and beaches during the summers. Ibiza will take you to the 70s and 80s life on a very low budget.

The price rates of hotels and flights drop with the weather in Ibiza so, winters would be the best time to visit the city and save some bucks.

2. King’s Little Pathway

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Adventure junkies should come to Adarles where the world’s scariest pathway will scare you. The pathway was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in the 1900s and since then it’s been known as “King’s Little Pathway.”

Originally, it was built for workers for hydroelectric plants who can easily reach the plant crossing El Chorro gorge. This 100 meters path may look short but it’s dangerous because of its width.

Can you cross this 1-meter wide path?

If yes, then come to the El Chorro, a small town in Ardales from where the “King’s Little Pathway” is only 60 miles away.

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3. Explore The Guggenheim Museum

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Bilbao is one of the best tourist attractions in Spain where lies a marvelous piece of architecture. The Guggenheim Museum is modern-day architecture with a maritime theme. This is the most-visited and one of the largest museums in Spain with more than 200 contemporary artworks around the globe.

4. San Sebastian For Foodies

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Food lovers should not miss the San Sebastian on their trip to Spain. The local tapas served here are the world’s best tapas that you can enjoy here. The place is also famous for its bars and beaches where you can dine with the family in the roof-top restaurants.

During summers, San Sebastian is crowded with visitors who come here and enjoy breathtaking shorelines. Hiking and surfing are the two best things to do in Spain’s San Sebastian.

5. Rioja For Wine Lovers

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The wine country of Spain will take you on an unforgettable vineyard tour where you can explore more than 500 wineries. The autonomous community of La Rioja makes the world-famous wine and got the status of wine expertise in 1991.

6. Granada: The Fairy Tale Country Of Spain

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At Granada, you will truly feel the fairy tale experience because of the Moorish architecture fortress, peaks that are always covered with snow, and streets made of water-worn stones.
When you are in Granada, don‘t miss these best things to do in Spain:

  1. Alhambra, a UNESCO heritage site
  2. Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, finest Gothic-style cathedral of Spain
  3. The caves of Sacromonte
  4. Traditional Hamma (Arab Baths) or Banuelos
  5. Science Park for kids

7. Galicia: The End Of World

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According to Romans, the Cape Finisterre Cliffs in Galicia is the last point of the world. We don’t know how true the myth is but the wide green landscapes and beaches here will give you a coastal feeling. You can explore more wildlife, natural reserves, and cliffs at Galicia.

One of the weird things about this place is its La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme. This is a festival where people celebrate a near-death experience.

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8. The Pyrenees: Hiking Destination For Adventure Lover

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The green mountains beckon hikers here who often come to The Pyrenees for skiing, hiking, and rock climbing. The local delicacies and timbered houses are another reason why tourists love to come here. If you are visiting The Pyrenees then winters and spring is the best time.

9. Menorca: A Peaceful Haven

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If you hate crowds then Menorca is one of the best places to visit in Spain. The island is full of natural wonders, turquoise lakes, and is a peaceful setting. Besides the beaches and nature reserve, Menorca also has some beautiful architectural marvels.

10. Ice Bar of Barcelona: El Somorrostra Beach

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Summer is the best time at El Somorrostra because of its Icebarcelona. The ice bar is 2-3 degrees cold and serves the best drinks in a chilling atmosphere. This is one of the best things to do in Spain, Barcelona.

These were the 10 best places to visit in Spain for a never-ending experience and something out-of-the-box adventure.

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