7 Best Places To Visit In Belgium For A Unforgettable Itinerary 

places to visit in belgium
7 Best Places To Visit In Belgium For A Unforgettable Itinerary 

If you are on a high-budget itinerary, then Belgium is the perfect destination to explore more adventure, fun, gorgeous palaces, and romantic spots within a week. Though small in size and highly populated, it is the most touristic country of Europe with UNESCO acclaimed small beautiful cities. There are also ample historic places to visit in Belgium as it has remained the popular battlefield during World War I and II.

Travelers from every corner of the world come to this bite-sized land to experience world-class music and folk festivals. Apart from being a cultural itinerary, the country is also a culinary destination of Europe and famous for the mouth-watering, crispy, fluffy, and world-famous Belgian Waffles.

Beer, chocolates, and French Fries are the other reasons why travelers keep coming back to Belgium. But this is not just enough to know about this heterogeneous Western country of Europe. Check out these top 7 Belgium tourist places.

Famous Places To Visit In Belgium

The Grand Place Of Brussels

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If you are interested in architecture then come to the La Grand Place of Brussels. This 17th-century building is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Belgium. The decorative guild houses, town halls painted in Gothic architecture, and a popular spot for tourists in August is also a UNESCO world heritage site of Belgium.

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Town House Of Victor Horta

Belgium is widely known for its great architecture and all credit goes to the 20th-century architect and designer, Victor Horta. There is a museum dedicated to him where tourists can see his artwork, woodwork, and his architectural style of incorporating nature and light to décor the buildings.

places to visit in belgium

Horta Museum and the nearby townhouses are also UNESCO world heritage sites in Belgium.

The Altar of Ghent

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The Cathedral of Saint Bavo in the Flemish region is the top Belgium tourist place. A large number of tourist comes here to see the Altar of Ghent that is a great artwork within this Cathedral. Apart from the beautifully painted glass windows, and carved interiors, this religious building is also known for its famous tombs.

Visit The Rural Heartland Of Belgium

Attractions in Belgium

This small country has the most beautiful river on the banks of which lies the symmetrical houses. The Meuse Valley is your ideal destination for a photogenic spot in Belgium. You can also explore the countryside, waterfront towns, and adventure activities.

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Historical Places To Visit In Belgium

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When you are in Belgium, don’t miss the battlefield of World War II. This world-famous place is filled with greenery. Napoleon lost the, most important battle at this site which is now a memorial place. And what makes this more exciting for the visitors is an artificial hill in the middle of green agricultural land that also has a lion sculpture at the top.

The Gravity-Defy Site

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Your trip is incomplete if you skip a visit to Brussels’s famous, The Atomium. Built in 1958 for the World Fair by Jean and Andre, this steel ball monument is 335 ft high. This modern architecture is a popular museum of Europe with exhibit halls within the steel balls. Tourists can take a tour to the restaurants and other public spaces of the Atomium via in-built escalators and elevators.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood

Another holy place is the Roman Catholic Church of Bruges city. The church is the only preserver of the holy blood of Jesus.

best places to visit in belgium

These were the top 7 places to visit in Belgium which you should not miss on your trip. Besides, you must attend the music festivals during summer and sip the best beers of the world “Belgian Trappists” for which Belgium is famous.