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Horror Movie Recommendations For A Freaky Friday Night!

Most of us enjoy watching horror movies and why wouldn’t be. That’s probably one of the safest ways to feel that adrenaline rush without facing the actual ghost itself.

Are you one of those who don’t get scared easily and are tired of watching scary movies only to be left disappointed?

Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered.
Here are some scary recommendations that will scare the sh*t out of you.

1. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Horror Movie
Via: Syfy Wire

This movie released in 2005 with the lead played by Jennifer Carpenter is based on the true story of Annelise Michelle, a college-going girl. The film revolves around the priest in the trial explaining his stand. The priest who performed an exorcism on Annelise is accused of murdering her in the pretence of exorcism while she needed medical help as she was suffering from a mental disorder.
The priest stood by his stand and refused of all these allegations and quoted that demons exist whether you believe it or not and said that Annelise’s story should be heard.
What makes the story so frightening is that there are real voice clips of the exorcism on various sites and images that will haunt you throughout your life.

2. The Conjuring

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Although there is a whole franchise now, no one can beat this old classic based on the real paranormal investigations done by Ed and Lorraine Warren, this movie focus on something evil that is haunting the perron family in their new home at Rhode Island.
This movie will keep you guessing and leave you in shock. It’s terrifying and full of unexpected scares. The location and the direction make the watching experience more interesting. I bet you won’t prefer watching it alone.

3. “It” Chapter One

“It” Chapter One
Via: Dread Central

Based on the novel by Stephen King, “It” will leave you covered with goosebumps. If you think clowns are pleasant and happy this is going to change your opinion for worse as this clown loves to kidnaps children and eat them. The story is based on a clown that returns every 27 years to the town of Derry, Maine and abducts children. But he gets challenged by seven kids who try to stop him. Do they solve this mystery or face the gruesome end, you’ll find out after watching this scary flick.

4. A Quiet Place

Horror Movie
Via: Inverse

We humans have so many sounds around us constantly, including our own voice. But this film will leave you speechless, literally because it’s a post-apocalyptic American story of a town with alien creatures that are attracted by sound and kills every living thing that comes in their way. The only survivors in that town is a family who has developed ways to make no sound but being humans they are prone to make mistakes.
The movie will make you tensed and you would find yourself anxious and scared all the time, holding your breath trying not to make any sound.

So, grab your popcorn bucket and probably a partner to watch these scary movies, and if it gets really scary don’t forget to close your eyes.
Scary dreams ahead!

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