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Complete Travel Guide To Cover Best Destinations In UK

The United Kingdom, the ultimate travel destination on everyone’s bucket list. The beauty, history, people, and the streets of Britain; all have their own magic. The best places to visit in the UK include rich heritage sites like castles and palaces to historical museums and art galleries.

There is an endless list of scenic beauty places to go, which will make you fall in love with the country.

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From London, the heart of the UK, you can easily visit Salisbury, a beautiful scenic destination, almost 90 minutes away from the city. If you are inclined towards historic places, Stonehenge is the perfect place to provide you with some rich historic knowledge of the place.

To explore the Scottish cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, all you need to do is take a one-hour-long ride from the heart of the city to land in these beautiful places to go to the UK.

The list of best places to visit in the UK below will make you awestruck and your travel plans are gonna change completely.

Best Places to Visit In The UK

1. Edinburgh- The Heart of Scotland

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Known for its classic beauties and rich heritage, Edinburgh is one of the most popular and visited tourist attractions in the UK. It is also the capital of Scotland. The main tourist attraction in the city of Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle.

It is to date one of the most well maintained and luxuriously made historic buildings in the country.

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Located on the top of the city on a rock promontory, this 13th century dated castle resonates a tale of its own beauty and history. A fortress is a place of exhibition of many precious royal luxurious items like the Royal Scottish Crown Jewels, monuments like the Scottish National War Memorial, the Stone of Destiny, etc.

Shopping destination:-

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The castle provides easy connectivity to explore the notable and worthy tourist place, the old town’s Royal Mile. From cafes to art galleries, and well-carved architecture, the place is full of things to explore and keep as souvenirs. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the main attraction in this old town place.

Best time to visit:-

The best time to visit Edinburgh is anytime. If you are a history lover and also have an inclination for art and heritage, you should definitely add this beautiful destination to your bucket list.

2. Stonehenge And Salisbury

best places to visit in uk

These two heritage-rich places are must-see places in the UK. They are of extreme importance to pilgrims and were a worship sight earlier. But with modern advancements, the two world heritage sites are more of a tourist attraction place.


The place is spread across 20 square kilometers constituting the famous visitor center. Once you are at this place, the resonating history of Stonehenge and Salisbury will keep you mesmerized until you decide to wave goodbye. The place has another level of peace and charisma. Definitely, one of the must-see places for UK vacations.

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Just 16 kilometers South of Stonehenge is Medieval Salisbury. It has one of the most well-preserved Cathedrals, which is almost 1220 BC. The city churches and tourist spots are sure jaw-dropping and magnificent places to visit in the UK and explore.

3. Canterbury

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Canterbury is one of the most admired places to visit in the UK. Its historical magnificence is world-famous and valued. It is estimated to be around  1,500 years old and thus is of extreme importance to pilgrims and tourists.

Main attraction:-

The most popular tourist destination of this city is the Canterbury Cathedral. It is the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The main highlight of this Cathedral is the Statue of Six English Kings. The place has an old effect and while exploring the streets and lanes of the city, you will see and feel this effect.

4. Medival York And Its Minister

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This place is amongst the most visited historical tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its magnificent Cathedrals. It is also considered to have well-preserved historical monuments older than the 3rd Century.

Main Attraction:-

The largest country church, the York Minster, is situated in this place. The roots of this magnificent glory are from the days Christianity started spreading. The structural design of the church is almost 1000 years after the religion was at its peak in the country.

From its ceiling design to the window pans, everything at this place puts the tourists in awe and astonishment.

5. National Railway Museum

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Another famous tourist attraction is the National Railway Museum. It basically showcases the Royal Train structures and steam engines that rolled around the country for mobilization of goods and passengers. The place has a lot to boast about the country’s history and glorious revolutions.

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Accommodation at York:-

You will get plenty of options to choose from while you look for places of accommodation in York. There are many hotels and lodges available at reasonable prices with scenic views from the room balconies.


Best tourist attractions in uk

York is the best place to shop unique and classical souvenirs for your loved ones or yourself. The place has many exotic shops, designer boutiques, and stores to shop various antiques to flaunt when you return. Parliament and Cony Streets are the favorite shopping spots in the place.

A trip to the United Kingdom is a dream come true ride. From buses to trains, the country is easy to explore. You can stay comfortably in London or Liverpool and move around to explore the tourist places of the country via trains or ferries.

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