Top 10 Appetizing Street Food Of India That Can Always Let You Gorge On

Indian street food is undoubtedly very delicious whenever we see any thele walas selling pani puris or samosas we simply can’t resist, these street foods are famous world wide. Every state, region and town in India is filled with its own street foods. These delicacies in fact are the part of our culture which we really should take pride in. It is said that the way to heart is through stomach, so just binge on these street foods and make yourself feel delighted and satisfied.

Today let’s observe some of these delectable and mind-blowing street foods

1) Pani Puri


Well this is the most common and popular dish which should be emphasized, if you have watched movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Dia Mirza says “Aaj be hum(Indians) Pizzas se zyada pani puri pasand krte hai”. And really we can’t deny this super tasty dish is no less than western junk foods.

It contains small puris flatbreads which are quite crunchy, in this puris small hole is made and a stuffing of potatoes, chickpeas, onions, chutney and chaat masala is filled along with spicy or sweet water. Even many foreign tourists find this street delicacy lovely though it is spicy for them but they can’t resist to try it.

This dish has different names in different states such as in Uttar Pradesh and North side it is known as ‘Gol Gappa’, in West Bengal known by the name of ‘Puchka and in Central India and some parts of Maharashtra known as ‘Gupchup’. It is one of the famous and delicious Indian street food.

2) Samosa or Samosa Chaat


Samosas are not only found in India, but this dish has made this way to Burma, Indonesia, Central Asia and some parts of Africa, it is considered a fried and salty pastry of India with the primary ingredient as potatoes and all purpose flour. Basically it has a flavorsome stuffing of  potatoes, onions, peas, and we make dough from maida or all purpose flour and knead it in a triangular shape and put this stuffing into it. In some places Samosa Chaat is also famous where after making Samosa it is garnished with curd, chutney, chickpeas(optional) and sprinkle some coriander leaves on it. It’s a must try dish.

3) Dahi Puri


Dahi Puri is very relishing, it may be said as another version of Pani Puri where you rplace water with curd. Well this dish is famous in Mumbai but it is found in almost all the parts of India.

It consists of super crunchy puffed puris and again a hole is made in it and it is filled with potatoes, onions, red peppers or red chili powder , dahi(curd), coriander and above all this yellow colored sev is sprinkled on it making it a bit spicy and delectable.

4) Poha Jalebi


This best combination of sweet and salty is always tempting. This is a popular dish of Indore and Bhopal though served in other parts of country as well. But Poha inBhopal and Indore has authentic This is a light and tasty as well as healthy breakfast. Poha is garished with sev, coriander and a perfect plater is served with yummy and hot jalebis.

5) Kachori


Kachori is served in many parts of India but believed to be originated from Uttar Pradesh. This finger-licking and mouth watering dish comes with different flavors different regions but most common being Dal Kachori. It is made with maida and along with dal kachori, potato and onion, peas, and only onion kachoris are famous, it is a fried package of food where you have to compromise your health but it gives you immense satisfaction.

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6) Chole Bhature


Another delightful victual in our list is Chole Bhature, this dish is a well known North Indian Dish, served best. This wholesome meal makes you full with a combination of Cholas (chick peas) and Bhatura (fried bread from all purpose flour or maida) and served with tasty pickles and onions. Again a must try dish.

7) Pav Bhaji or Pao Bhaji

Indian Street Food

Originated in Mumbai and has a well known butter pav bhaji taste there. This savoury street food is favourite of many people as it has lot of veggies mixed together and this full meal is budget friendly too. You can’t resist to smack to on this dish. All veggies are meshed and mixed and then hot Bhaji is served with soft buns (pav) alongside finely chopped onions and lemons.

8) Bhel Puri

Indian Street Food
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Many flavours gathers in the mouth with Bhel Puri. It has a superior taste with a a blend of sweet, spicy and salty. Ingredients used here are the primary ingredient, onions, tomatoes, sev, green chillies and garnished with lemon.Usually taken as a starter or appetizer.

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9) Aloo Tikki or Chole Tikki


Talking about chaats and not mentioning aloo tikki will make the list incomplete. This treat has a pleasant  taste of potatoes and chutneys.

Boiled Potatoes are meshed and  fused with green chillies, spices, coriander and then shaped into circles or patties and then these are fried and giving the crispy flavor from outside but smooth from inside and served with tamarind (imli) chutney, curd and coriander or with Chole masala according to the demand of customer. You can resist on this Indian street food.

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10) Kulfi Falooda

Indian Street food

Lastly is our sweet treat ‘Kulfi Falooda’. If you are someone who adores sweet dishes and love ice creams, you can’t resist kulfi faloodas. It is an Indian version of local ice cream. This ice cream has a topping of vermicelli (sevaiya),dry fruits like almonds, pistachio. And a rose syrup making in awesome and yummy. It is the sweetest Indian street food.




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