This AI technique can detect genetic diseases just by looking at you

This AI technique can detect genetic diseases just by looking at you: As per the latest technology news, a new artificial intelligence technology can make way for a medical breakthrough by accurately identifying rare genetic disorders just by taking a look at the face of a person.

As per the new technology updates andWRAL TechWire, the technology called DeepGestalt beat clinicians in identifying a range of syndromes in three trials.

As per the study published in the journal Nature Medicine, 8 percent of the population has disorders with major genetic components and have recognizable facial features.

The AI cloud identifies the syndrome based on the facial features of a person.

DeepGastalt was instructed to identify potential disorders by an intensive learning algorithm using the facial images of previously diagnosed patients.

The system didn’t recognize whether the person had any disorder, but identified the possible disorders, which were already diagnosed, and performed 91 percent accuracy.

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