A Study Says That Social media affects Teen Girls More Than Boys

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A Study Says That Social media affects Teen Girls More Than Boys: In a recent study, it was surveyed that social media has a greater impact on teen girls than boys of the same age.

However, social media acts as a helpful tool for all teenagers to learn and connect with friends, experts have already warned that too much Snapchatting or Instagramming has its own effects.

As per a recent study conducted at the University College London and published in the journal EClinicalMedicine, it appears like there’s a connection between social media use and depressive symptoms in 14-year-olds, and that connection may be much stronger for girls in comparison to boys.

Amongst the teenagers who use social media the most, more than five hours a day – the study has revealed that a 50 percent increase in depressive symptoms among girls versus 35 percent among boys when their symptoms were compared with those who use social media for only one to three hours daily.

The first author of the study, Yvonne Kelly, said that “There’s an alarming difference. We were quite surprised when we saw the figures and we saw those raw percentages: the fact that the magnitude of association was so much larger for girls than for boys.”

Though, the study only observed a link between social media use and symptoms of depression, which can include feelings of unhappiness, anxiety or loneliness.

In the study, it was also seen that factors like lack of sleep and cyberbullying, that could help to verify or confirm this association at a higher level greater.

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