Switch To Happier Life With These 5 Best Happiness Apps 2021

Are you happy? Maybe yes but the UN’s World Happiness Report 2021 doesn’t indicate so as India has got 139th position on the index. Let’s not focus on the reasons because they vary as every person has their own set of problems and they work within their capacity to improve their life. But without proper support and excessive stress, one’s willpower can get a serious setback. Happiness apps come into the picture at this moment.

It sounds tough to keep the hopes alive when life’s weather is full of dark clouds with no ray of hope. Technology can be the best helping hand in such a scenario especially when nobody is at the help. These happiness apps will help to boost your mood, strengthen your willpower, and let you walk towards a better life.

Best Happiness Apps 2021

Headspace For Mindful Living

One needs to control their high expectations whether from life or people especially when there is no base for these expectations. If these are not taking caring of then it will steal all your peace and leave a void within you which may not get filled ever. It can make you lose yourself completely and stuck in the never-ending cycle of sadness.

So, clear space in your head with Headspace and move towards a happy life.

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The app offers a guide on meditation and helps you live mindfully. Follow the guide and bring healthy changes in your life. Your guide to happiness is available on Google play store and apple store as well.

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Stay Happier With “Happier”

Gratitude brings happiness and Happier is all about it. It comes with a journal that includes short courses following which you can discover happiness and learn how to express gratitude. What’s the best part is that Happier lets you express it without revealing your name.


In addition to this, you can connect the app with another social media app for broad coverage and invite friends and build your community.

Track Your Happiness

There’s always a reason for happiness and sadness but if you are unhappy for no reason, it’s a concern. It’s time to assess your mood and figure out the real cause. It is not easy for everyone and that’s where apps like “Track your happiness” come into use.

track your happiness
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The app asks few questions from the users every day and depending upon their response, it prepares a report. Give honest answers if you truly want an accurate result. Once you discover the real issue, you can work on it to bring changes.

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Boost Your Mood With Happify

Happify changes your life in a fun way. Three people with one goal that is to make people happy have developed this app in 2012. The app works on gaming technology to offer fun activities to the users that will uplift their mood, confidence, and reduce stress.


There’s also a community page where alike minded people daily engages in more than 50 activities offered by Happify. This is a great way to work on happiness together and to boost it further switch to happify plus that unwraps more fun activities to you.

Yolife For Better Life

The app works on a simple philosophy, Your habits determine whether your life is going to be good or bad. Change your habits, change your life. YoLife will let you work on this aspect of happiness by answering the questions regarding your life, habits, goals, and health.

happiness apps 2021
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So, instead of wondering why ain’t you happy in life work on finding the answer with these best happiness apps. But, before using any we would suggest you read the reviews and then select the appropriate one.

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