Bursting Misconceptions About WhatsApp Privacy Policy

From the past few months, the most commonly used messaging app – Whatsapp is facing backlash due to the updates made in the app’s privacy policy in January 2021. On February 15th, the Supreme Court asked the company to take the required action to safeguard the privacy of its users. The Court also issued an official notice to the Centre and company seeking answers for lowering the standard for Indian users of the app.

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A few days ago, the Facebook-owned messaging app clarified the continuation of its privacy policy update. Simultaneously, the company will permit its users to read it at “their own pace” and display a banner providing additional details. The banner will pop up as an in-app notification on WhatsApp.

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The company already delayed the implementation of the new policy by three months. Since then, the company is explaining the privacy policies to the users yet many misconceptions still exist. Although there must be the practicality of WhatsApp. The company recently issued a note that correctly characterizes its plan.

Let us have a look at what the company states about the after-effects of the update of the policies:-

  • Whatsapp may not immediately delete the account of users but can restrict access

Whatsapp is trying to give enough time to the users to analyze changes at their own pace and convenience. The company has extended the operative date to 15th May. Although if the users do not accept the policies, the company will not delete their account. However, the app may not be fully functional until the policies are accepted.

  • Users may receive calls and notifications, but won’t be allowed to read or send messages

The company stated that the users will be allowed to receive calls and notifications for a specific period but won’t be able to read or send messages through the app.

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  • Deleted Accounts will not be recovered

According to the company, the deletion of the users’ accounts will be permanent. Thus, it cannot be undone.

  • Users may lose their chat history

The users’ entire message history will be deleted if they do not accept the privacy policy of the app.

  • No longer access to group chats

The users who breach the privacy policy of the app will be automatically removed from all the WhatsApp groups they are already a part of.

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  •  Entire Whatsapp Backup May Be Deleted

The users may face the risk of losing their entire WhatsApp data. The app has warned the users that non-acceptance of the privacy policies of the app may result in losing the entire WhatsApp backup. Although, the users are free to take backups of their accounts before May 15.

  • The Chat History can be exported before 15th May

The users can easily download the report of their account and also export their chats before the implementation of updated privacy policies.

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