Stupid Things That Made Me Cry During PMS


Hello PMS! Tada Sanity!
Premenstrual Syndrom! Yes, you read it right. PMS is generally considered to be a very ignorant topic to discuss or even converse about. It’s treated the same way Voldemort was treated in Hogwarts, It-Who-Must – Not – Be- Named. But, It is important to understand that it’s not really a big deal to discuss about it.
It is a general assumption that PMS is something a woman goes through during the periods. How good it would have been if the case was like that. But, it is not. PMS knocks the door of your mind just before it. Yes, it is what you can imagine as the baby tornado. The one which remains active for like a short time but is enough to mess up everything.
During PMS, your hormones bear a lot and go through major changes. And the most ironic part is you know it’s happening but you can still work normally and perform your daily chores perfectly. Yes, for many women, PMS time is the most emotional one. But, this doesn’t affect their work routine.. Even being the most emotional beings while experiencing PMS, we women are buckled up to perform any and every task with sanity.
Well, if the above written line entangled your threads of rational thinking. Here is a list of things that you might consider dumb listening from women around you but it might be sane for them to say, because they are PMSing.

1. When You run out of Maggi packets!!!!!

A clear state of tears flowing down with thoughts running in mind to actually go and buy one. That too, when you are in the comfort of your work from home or chilling at home mood. In a more trending way, the thoughts during PMSing when you crave for Maggi go like:-
Do I love Maggi? Yeah. Am I craving for it? Hell Yeah!!!!!! Did I cry because there is no Maggi!? Hell, Hell, Yeah. Am I dramaqueen? Of course Yeah.

2. Best friend’s voice on the call

Ranting about the whole day routine to each other and suddenly sobbing and then crying to realise how this dumbo has been through all thick and thin for you. The voice adds over to the emotional moment. How dramatic!!!! You won’t even give one compliment to your BFF when you meet even after a million years.

3. Your Younger Sibling’s Face

How many times have you ever realised that you are lucky to have a brother like the one you really have. YES!!! PMS time is that liking every silly mistake of your brother. Well, it is really not okay to not fight for remotes and the last scoop of ice-cream. But, what can be done!!!!

4. Cramps

A genuine note. It is not something to joke about. That hit is massive and grave. And mind you, its not at all dumb. It is a short experience of life in hell.

5. Late food delivery services

An absolute decision to order food and then crying why you did it because you can’t wait for the order to get delivered. Why??? Like do you expect the delivery agent to be gennie? Forget it, you have cravings to satiate. Keep ordering and getting emotional.
After, all, that hot ramen noodles are more good to see than to see your swollen face in the mirror after you have filled hundreds of buckets crying.

Some absolutely funny and hilarious yet weird reasons to cry while PMSing. You might have experienced a lot of such things which are only and only because of Premenstrual Syndrome. Anyway!!!! It’s not something to feel dumb about even if its the most silliest of all things.
If you are a woman reading this, it is absolutely okay if you go through this. It is natural and it is not at all dumb. Read it out loud to the men and teenagers at your home and in your circle. You will love it!
Blame it to PMSing and you are all clear.

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