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Spiritual Treasure: Know The 5 Best Churches In Germany

Bread, Berlin, and Beer!!! Besides these, Germany is famous for so many things and churches are one of them. Those beautiful majestic architectures are not just a sight to behold but also the country’s pride. The famous churches in Germany are standing strong for ages with few scars of wars and will make you wonder how did they survive the wartime.

With more than 40 thousand churches including both Catholic and Protestant, it’s easy to skip the major ones. Not when you are here.

Take a short trip to the famous churches in Germany with us before you witness them with naked eyes.

Famous Churches In Germany

The Church of Our Lady

The Old Catholic Church, dated to the 11th century, was built to honor Kirche zu unser Liebfrauen known as “Our Lady.” This Romanesque-style church is situated in the capital city of Saxony, Dresden. Having the largest domes in Europe, this was originally built as a Catholic church and later turned into a Protestant Church when the people of the city decided to remain Protestant.

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the church of lady germany

However, it didn’t survive during wartime and collapsed during the 1980s. The reconstruction of the church began in 1994 with the help of private donations. It’s still beautiful and worth visiting.

Cologne Cathedral

A mix of medieval and modern architecture, the walls of Cologne Cathedral tell the journey of its construction. Its construction began as early as 1248 but left incomplete in 1265, and then again resumed upon the order of the King of Prussia in 1842.

It was although tough to complete this spiritual pilgrim, but it came out as the largest church in Germany upon completion in 1880.

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cologne cathedral

What’s special about Cathedral is that it still holds the remaining Magi and the sculptures of Jesus and Mary. With the heaviest bells, twin spires, and other beautiful wooden sculptures inside the church, it became a World Heritage Site after World War II when it was nearly

Church In The Meadow

This UNESCO World Cultural Site is the beauty of all churches in Germany. The 18th-century pilgrimage was built on the foothills of the Alps by the Zimmermann brothers who later built a house near it.

german churches

The artistry and sculptures inside the church are pleasures for the eyes but they are more surprising for the mind as well. The Scoured Savior’s statue is a miracle as tears come out from this wooden figure. And no matter when you visit, you can witness this magic at Wieskirche.

Ulm Minster

churches in Germany

If Germany has beautiful and largest churches, it also has the tallest one in the country and Ulm Minster is one of them. The 531 feet high church can be seen from any location of the city of Ulm. The amazing fact about this pilgrimage is that it took around 600 years, maybe even more, to construct this architecture. And you will have to take 768 steps to see this beautiful church. There’s also a reward once you reach the top. Zugspitze, the highest peak of Germany is another magnificent wonder you can see from the church’s building.

Aachen Cathedral

Germany has around 46 World Heritage Sites that are listed under UNESCO and the first being them is Aachen Cathedral that was listed in 1978. This Roman Catholic Church is 236 ft and 3 inches high and was built in 800 AD. It’s not just a pilgrimage site but also a building of national importance as 30 German Kings were crowned here.

famous churches in germany

These churches in Germany are a treasure of Europe and hold remains of history, sacred pieces of the past, and stories. So don’t miss these architectural and historical wonders of this European country on your next trip.

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