Books about Strong Women to fall in Love With

Women when in stories and tales are attributed with qualities like boldness, rebellious, passionate and fearless; the end always showcases their victory. Literature and Women are a deadly combination you will ever come across in life. To read novels and books portraying the achievements of women; be it in professional or personal lives; gives a different level of satisfaction and motivation.

From a story about a meek and timid young girl who fights against the odds of her life to a story about a woman who with her headstrong personality wins the hearts of people around her; these inspiring page – turners will ignite the spark of  motivation in you and give you the strength to chase your dreams and achieve them all.

  1. Three Strong Women – Marie NDiaye


The plot is set in France and the story revolves around Norah, Fanta and Khady, the bold protagonists of the novel. Despite endless obstructions and extreme situations in their life, their resilience, power and strength shine through. With the progress in the story, the three West African immigrants realize their hidden strengths which pave new paths to self – acceptance and confidence.

If you think you are losing the way to your goal, grab a copy of this novel.

  1. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte


Charlotte Bronte is known for the strong resemblance of  wit, strength and independency in her characters.

Jane Eyre is a novel which portrays the strong desire of the protagonist, Jane, to live an independent life but also dreams to find the true love in her life. The novel is set in the Victorian age and showcases the struggles and hardships; Jane has to deal with in order to achieve her admirations in which she is successful at the end. This is a novel which will bring out the resting power and strength in you and aid your efforts align with your dreams.

  1. Olive Kittredge- Elizabeth Strout


The tale is narrated interlinking thirteen stories together to the main protagonist, Olive and the everyday life of this lady. The plot is set in Maine, a small coastal town, far from the city lights. Olive is portrayed as a submissive character initially, but as the story unveils the struggles she has to go through, the readers see her transforming into a bold, rebellious and strong personality at the end.

You should definitely grab your hands on a copy if you doubt your inner strength to deal with life situations.

  1. Little Women – Louis May Alcott


This novel showcases the life of four iconic, headstrong and fearless sisters from the March family. The story unveils the hardships of the then England or precisely the Civil War societal conditions and how the women of that time far away from the battleground fought a war for establishing their own identity in various fields like art, education and alike.

From falling in love, to achieving their dreams, the March sisters astonish you at every turn. This novel will win your heart every time you decide to read it.

These novels are undoubtedly the masterpieces in their genres. From qualities like fearlessness to boldness, the women portrayed in these stories are a true source of inspiration. Whatever the era may be, women had, are and will slay the world with their strength and power.

khushboo sadani
Khushboo is pursuing her Masters' degree in English from Bhopal. She is a person who believes in turning every single moment of my life into something constructive and fruitful. With a slice of painter and dash of an avid reader, she takes challenges and surprises what life and destiny astonishes her with courage. She believes in living the life to the fullest by finding happiness in small moments.

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