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Unfolding The Best Tourist Places In Hannover, Germany

Hannover, the capital city of Lower Saxony often go overlooked due to its vast history but there are several best tourist places in Hannover. However, those who makes unplanned visits will scramble to know what are the best things to do in Hannover city. Well, the city will make your trip memorable if you explore it properly.

best things to do in hannover

We’ll make sure that you don’t struggle in journey to this University City which is full of splendid royal properties, green regal parks, and is locally known for the biggest festival Maschseefest.

Best Tourist Places In Hannover

The modern streets might not reveal the untold history of this city, but the popular historic attractions will immerse you into the old times. The city was almost destroyed during World War 2 but the way historic sites like Aegidienkirche, Atles Rathaus, and Leibnizhaus are treasured; it’s nearly impossible to recall what happened during the wartime.


The present-day capital of Lower Saxony was a strong independent state in the 19th century. Later, Prussia incorporated the city and thus you’d see the mix of architecture, culture, and cuisine here. To be specific on your trip, take a tour to these popular historic and best tourist places in Hannover:


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Greenery immersed in history, Gartentheater displays the beautiful monuments, wide-open lanes, artistic gardens, and reflects the Baroque period. The International firework exhibition in this open-air garden illuminates the glory of the city.

Atles Rathaus

best things to do in hannover

Popularly known as Old Town Hall, this is 15 century-old building standing still strong with no scars of the past. The elaborated gables of Atles remind the Brich Gothic style of Northern Germany. On the east side of the building, there are beautiful portraits of kings and queens of the city.

Koelinger Strabe is on the other side of the hall that gives a glimpse of 19th-century neo-romanesque designs.

Take A Tour To City’s Museum

Hannover is a great place for historians as the city has the two best museums to let you understand the place from the glasses of the past.

Lower Saxony State Museum

best tourist places in hannover

Opposite the New City Hall lies the most-visited museum of Hannover. Named after the state’s name, this is a complete book to learn about the art, archaeology, ethnology, and old-age fashion of the city. Spend a full day here and visit all the four departments of the museums that hold the Bronze Age remains of extinct species of the world.

Sprengel Museum Hannover

best things to do in hannover

The astonishing modern art collection at the museum is a gift by the chocolate manufacturer of the city. Sprengel will amaze you with the trending art collection of artists from past and present.

Get Lost In Serene Nature Of Hannover

The city has something for everyone, be it art lovers, advent historians, or nature lovers. To discover the true gems of nature, relax in these gardens of nature.

Herrenhauser Gardens

best tourist places n hannover
via: europeanhistoricgardens

This Great Garden will turn your gloomy days into happy ones with artistic sculptures, boulevards, fountains, and impressive structures. Spread in the 50-hectare, the garden is a popular spot for concerts, theatrical plays, and summer festivals.


berggarten hannover

Berggarten is not just a visual delight but there is a unique fragrance in the surroundings. The reason is the exotic herbs and plants that have got space in this centuries-old garden. With 3,000 species and more than 20,000 plants, the garden holds a place in the list of leading botanical gardens of the world.

The best thing to do in Hannover’s berggarten is to visit the orchid house and four greenhouses here. The deep tropical and subtropical environment will calm you.

New Town Hall

After Atles Rathaus, the best thing to do is exploring the new town hall aka Neues Rathaus. The historic building has a royal appearance and a soothing pond at the front. The hall is an eye-opener with scale models from the wartime.

new town hall hannover

Nearby areas are also attractive and worth visiting. The 78-hectare lake nearby will wipe off all your pain and sorrow. This man-made lake was originally made with this intention. The interesting thing about the lake is every day the water level lowers by one centimeter.

Hannover is one of the top tourists destinations in Germany and will immerse you in the city’s glorious history and serene nature. So, plan your next trip here.

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