Signs You Are Being Haunted By A Ghost!

The existence of ghosts is still debatable although some scientists believe they are a form of energy others just disapprove the theory.

Whether you are a believer or not, you might have had an experience of a paranormal kind or even a strange experience of which you can’t find any logical reasoning.

If you want to dig deeper, here are few signs that indicate that you are being haunted by a ghost!

1. Mysterious Sounds In The Night

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Ghosts are more active during the night and more likely to communicate with you in those silent hours. If you hear footsteps even when no one’s home, coins jangling, echoes or hear whispering and creaking sounds. It might be a sign that a ghost is trying to communicate with you.

2. Seeing Shadows From The Corner Of Your Eyes

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As ghosts have a limited supply of energy they can show themselves in the form of shadowy or misty dark figures which may disappear when you pay attention to them. If you see shadows lurking in the dark from the corner of your eyes, maybe a ghost is haunting your home.

3. Sudden Temperature Drop

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Is there any area in your home which is relatively cold than the other rooms or do you feel a sudden temperature drop sometimes even though it’s summerly outside? if your is to the above questions is yes, then it may be a ghost lurking behind you! Sudden goosebumps can also be a sign of their presence.

4. Your Pets Behaving Oddly

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Pets are more receptive to energies and are more likely to be affected by a paranormal presence. If your pet is acting odd and barking at a particular spot even though you can’t see anyone there, it might be a ghost trying to scare it.

5. Electrical Devices Switching On/Off By Themselves

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Is your television or bulb switching on and off by themselves even though you just checked your electricity connection, then maybe it’s a ghost in action. Ghosts find it easy to manipulate electrical energy and are more likely to pull such pranks on you to indicate their presence.

6. The Scent Of Perfume Or Strange Odours

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If you smell a strange odour in your home or smell a perfume that you don’t even use it can be of a ghost of a deceased loved one who visited you. If you find your dead relatives clothes or something they loved lying around, it may be a strong indicator of their ghostly presence.

7. Imaginary Friends

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If you have any children in your home who seem to behave oddly and started hanging out with some imaginary friend. It’s better to get professional help! As you might have seen in so many scary movies ghosts are a pro at manipulating kids and possessing them.

How many signs have you experienced? If a lot then you can always clean your home and get some professional help. Better to be safe than sorry.

Happy ghost hunting!

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