Myths Vs. Facts About Modern-Day Witches!

What strikes your mind when you read the word “Witches”?
Is it an old woman stirring frog legs and lizard tail in a cauldron or a woman riding a broom?
Do you think of a person casting spells in the dark or animals being sacrificed for pleasing the devil?
If you think witches are like these, then let me tell you modern witchcraft is completely different.

Here are a few myths debunked about witches and modern-day witchcraft that will blow your mind!

1. Witches have a definite look

Via: New York Post

As portrayed by the fairy tales and in the movies, witches have a definite look. They wear pointy hats and dark old fashioned clothes. But in reality, a witch can wear whatever he/she wants even the latest collection of fashion week while casting a spell.

2. Witches Worship The Devil

Via: The New York Times

Witches are often confused with Satanists and are thought to worship the devil but in reality, if you are a witch you can worship anyone or no one at all. It all comes to respecting nature and manipulating its energy to cast spells.

3. Witches Sacrifice Animals

Via: Wikipedia

This misconception is popular mostly because of movies showing blood sacrifices being made to please the evil lord. But witchcraft is all about loving and respecting nature and the animals and witches never harm them. So, sorry to disappoint you but there’s no blood bath in reality!

4. Hexes Aren’t Real

Well, no one wants to believe they are but sadly hexes can cause major damage to an individual as they carry a lot of negative energy and emotions in them. But don’t worry witches practice a “three-fold rule”, they believe that every spell they cast comes back three times. So if they cast a negative spell they are going to suffer thrice the amount. Hexes can be broken too!

5. They Have A Dark Bible

Via: Witch Way Magazine

Witchcraft doesn’t come with a bible, although they do have a shadow book or a journal to record their progress and spells that can be passed down to their generations it’s not necessary and is only made for the purpose of recording their own progress with the craft.

6. There’s Black Magic And White Magic

Via: Love Spells

There are no two types of magick only energy which can be used for casting a spell which can be for someone’s betterment or to cause harm. But there is no surety that the spell cast from a good intention doesn’t backfire.

7. Witches Are Women

Via: Quill and Camera

Thanks to the folklores, fiction books and movies we mostly assume that witches can only be women but modern witchcraft can be practised by anyone whether it’s men, women or transgenders. There’s no gender bias here.

8. Witches Are A Part Of A Coven

Via: We Got This Covered

Witches don’t necessarily have to be a part of some secret coven, it’s more of a personal choice. If any coven makes you feel uneasy don’t be a part of it. Witchcraft is a self sought path and don’t require fellowship.

These were few facts to clear the image of a modern-day which, I bet you don’t find them evil now!

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