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Sift Samra triumphs as Anjum Moudgil falls short in the Shooting World Cup 50m 3P event, snagging a bronze medal!

Tinted Glow in the Future for Sift Samra

Sift Kaur Samra shined for India, taking home her second senior international medal after shooting her way to a bronze in the 50m rifle 3P on the second-to-last day of the ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup in BHOPAL. She put up an incredible performance to beat a tough group of competitors.

On a day where China defied all odds and emerged victorious, Zhang Qiongyue claimed gold with a stunning performance. Samra, the reigning national champion, however, refused to be left behind and set the competition alight with her total of 403.9 points, making her worthy of a third place finish!

Sift Samra
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Despitethe intense pressure and tremendous performances from Zhang (414.7 points) and Czech Republic’s Aneta Brabcova (411.3), Samra prevailed and entered the title round with her head held high.

During the gold medal round, Zhand faced off against her Czech counterpart in an thrilling battle, and ultimately emerged the victor with her superior score of 16-8!


Aiming for the Top

The Indian team is on an epic quest to be the top nation on the medals table, pitting them against their formidable rivals China. So far they have valiantly acquired one gold, one silver, and five bronze medals – the latest of which was Samra’s, who earned it at the World Cup in Changwon, China last year.

The Shining Stars of the Event

The entire attention of the audience was directed towards the world-class silver medallist Anjum Moudgil during the preliminary round of the 3P event.

Sift Samra
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– However, Samra was determined to create her own game and proved herself to be in a league of her own, showcasing an extraordinary performance in the three positions and attaining a magnificent score of 588 at the end of the qualifying round – a feat that is sure to leave many in awe!

– Samra reached new personal bests, tallying a magnificent 194 (99, 95) while shooting in the kneeling position. She followed this with a perfect 200 (100, 100) in the prone position and a further 194 (97, 97) in the standing position.

Anjum Moudgil
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However, Anjum slipped to a rank of 17th with a score of 583. For the third Indian, Manini Kaushik, qualification for the final round came tantalizingly close, just missing out on the last spot on the basis of ‘inner 10s’.

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Initial Downward Slip of Samra

Samra, the 21 year old, with some of the most impressive scores in the selection round held in New Delhi in preparation for the World Cup, was sent spiralling down the rankings due to her three individual disaster round. Despite her best efforts to compete, Zhang and Brabcova pulled off a remarkable escape and soared to the pinnacle of success.

The Indian faced a thrilling challenge, as she knelt valiantly to achieve a score of 102.2 (51.7, 50.5) and103.4 (51.8, 51.6) when in the prone position.

But, her ‘standing’ position proved to be a challenge too great, as she started off with a reasonable average of 50.4 yet, as the rounds advanced, her score dropped steadily and concluded at 196.3 (50.4, 49.0, 49.2 and 49.7). Unfortunately, the Indian settled for a bronze medal – yet still making a momentous impact!

Fans are keeping an close eyes on the next matches of these players and are expecting them to comeback with a fighting spirit to get to the top. This is the first individual medal in the world cup but we are sure that there will be many more to come- SAI Media.

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