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Shades Of Humanity During Pandemic

If there’s the only thing that is keeping our hopes higher during the tough times of pandemic that is, the covid warriors and their tiresome efforts to save every life. And this time, it’s not just doctors and frontline workers who are showing humanity during pandemic. We have also seen many real-life superheroes doing a lot of social work done in covid time. They are the ones who are serving tirelessly because every life is precious.

But like every coin has two sides, the pandemic has shown us the worst side of humans too. For the past few days, we have been witnessing incidents that have put humanity at shame.

These viral videos are proof that humanity is getting worse in covid.

Viral Videos Of Worst Humanity During Pandemic

When Saviors Become Satan

A viral video has been surfacing on social media showing the cruelty of police officers. A man in a PPE kit was begging the police officers for not taking away the oxygen cylinders that he had managed for his mother. The incident took place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and claimed that police supplied the cylinder to a VIP.

Citing the incident as “Total Inhumane Act By The Police” a clip showing the few moments quickly garnered attention. Everyone who saw the clip started criticizing Agra police.

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However, clarifying the whole incident another video was released by the Superintendent of Agra Police. He said the video was posted in such a way that it had misled the viewers. Well, every story has two sides so we cannot ignore this one as well.

But the next viral video is truly a shocking one.

The Brutality of MP Police

MP is currently facing the worst covid situations with cases of more than 5 lakhs patients are dying due to lack of oxygen, cremation areas are flooded with dead bodies, and hospitals have no vacant beds. These are already heartbreaking and humanity is getting worse in covid at the Khandwa district of state.

The devastating news came a few days ago where a covid patient and his family were brutally beaten up by the few police officers in the Banjari village of the district. They thrashed the patients out of the house and also beat a female member of the family.

Shameful Incident Of Gwalior’s Hospital

There’s no end to crime against women and the times when everyone is struggling to save lives, very shameful news shocked everyone. The incident happened in Gwalior where the ward boy of the hospital tried to rape a woman twice. The woman was admitted to the private ward of the hospital and taking covid treatment. Her oxygen level was already down before the man molested her. The culprit was arrested later.

Truly pandemic has taken a toll on humanity but like we said, everything has two sides. Here are some incidents showing positive sides of humanity during pandemic.

The 85-Yr Old Narain Dabhalakr Left His Bed For Another Patient 


Auto-Driver Offering Free Rides

Free Foods For Covid Patients

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