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Secrets To Have A Long-Lasting Relationship With Yourself

A self-relationship is undoubtedly the first and essential relationship that you experience. But often people overlook this vital relationship and worry about their attachment with others. Once you are deeply attached to yourself, you will no longer need outside attachments to feel complete.

Furthermore, a self relationship does not make you selfish; instead, it helps you figure out who you are. And similar to any other relationship, this one also needs dedication, commitment, and investment.

Unfortunately, in this world, everyone is scared of being alone. That’s real; everyone on this earth needs the support of someone whom they trust and love. But, this should not be a reason to overlook self-love. So, don’t be afraid of spending some time with yourself. 

Commitment To A Relationship With The Real You


Before you commit to others, commit to yourself. Always remember, “  The world does not care about those who don’t care for themselves.Fall in love with yourself, embrace your weakness, value your thoughts and emotions to begin a relationship with the real you.

Here are a few ways to build a healthy bond with yourself.

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Your Needs Matter


First of all, believe in self-care and give your body, mind, and soul things they need. In simple words, eat healthily, get enough sleep, do exercise, and focus on your growth. Also, feed yourself with positive thoughts.  

Focus On Your Happiness


Have you ever come across a situation when others are enjoying it, but you feel unhappy even if there is no reason? Your unhappiness will keep you away from friends and family. Because nobody likes people who are always unhappy for no reason.

So, find happiness within you. Even if it’s tougher some days, it’s still possible to stay happy. You can do things that fill you with joy and happiness. Even a simple activity like walking, buying a treat for yourself, or a bubble bath can make you happy. Find your happiness.

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Involve Into The Inner World


A healthy self-relationship begins with self-awareness. If you are aware of your feelings and emotions, then you can better deal with others. And if something bothers you often, then go for a meeting with yourself. 

Ask yourself- what is bothering me? Why am I feeling this way? Be more self-aware by regularly asking such questions. Moreover, journaling and therapy are also the right way to focus on whatever is going on inside you. 

Take Time For Yourself


The world is moving at a fast pace, and we have to match its speed to move ahead. But, we all are forgetting that “ We need ourselves more than anything else in this world.” Therefore, it is very crucial that from 24 hours, we give at least half an hour for ourselves.

This could be anytime in the morning, evening, on your way to the office or gym, or before sleeping. Sit with yourself and speak to yourself. You can even sit in front of the mirror and talk. Within that half an hour, you can either read a book that motivates you or do nothing than self-talk. 



Daily meditation will help you boost your relationship with the real you. Also, meditation gives you peace of mind when you can become unaware and insensitive towards outside happenings. So, find a peaceful place and meditate daily. It’s better to contemplate at the start of the day, but if you don’t get enough time, then anytime for meditation would work. 

You can be your best friend or lover who will never turn their head or shut their ears to your thoughts. And once you fall for yourself, you will realize that at the end of the day, the only person who loves and supports you unconditionally is “YOU.” 

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