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Pair Up Your Ethnic Wears With A Jacket And Create A Trendy Look

Jackets are highly trending and you can simply pair it up with any outfit. Whether it’s sunny and you want to save yourselves from the sun or winter where you don’t want to wear a sweater and look stylish.

Jackets are the new cool our fashion industry is getting in. You must have paired denim jackets with jeans top, but have you ever thought of combining it with your ethnic wear?

If your answer is no then you need a wardrobe makeover. The trendsetters of fashion from Bollywood elegantly paired Indian wear with jackets. And they look absolutely stunning and trendy.

Jackets can turn a simple boring outfit into interesting.

Let’s Have A Look At How Can You Pair Jackets With Ethnic Wear

1. Saree and Short Jacket

Saree with Jacket

Sonam Kapoor is the fashionista of Bollywood and is often seen experimenting with new looks. She wore a saree and paired it up with a matching jacket. The fusion of Indian and Western style looked amazing on her. If you are bored of wearing saree in a regular style then try it with a twist.

2. Saree With A Cape Coat

Saree with Cape coat

Cape coats are visibly making their place in the market. We have seen them being paired up with western outfits but never thought of it with a saree. They definitely look cool and glamorous.

3. Kurta Long Jacket With

Kurta and Jacket

We often wear kurta for small occasions. Pairing up a long jacket with a kurta would add an indo western look to your outfit.

4. Jacket Instead Of Blouse

Saree and Jacket

Saree blouse has been the most ancient combination in India. The fashion influencers are breaking the regular trends and coming up with new ones. As you can see the Masakkali of Bollywood is wearing a jacket style blouse that has a chain instead of regular hooks. It makes the entire outfit look stylish and appealing.

Did you like these new patterns? Which one are you going to try?

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