Recipe For A Romantic Relationship Begins With You 

Love is all about being involved in a romantic relationship with your partner. But, is it all about romance? Well, No, because passion is a part of love and not the love itself. Unfortunately, many couples misinterpret love and think that getting butterflies and heart fluttering indicates that they are in love. 

Love Theory


Love is more than these feelings, which you initially get in your relationship. These initial feelings are just a knee-jerk reaction that disappears soon. More or less, its like a honeymoon that lasts for a short period. 

And when this gets over, suddenly all the butterflies and heart-flutters disappear. At last, you realize that it was just an infatuation. Well, the whole credit goes to the movies that showcase romantic relationship differently. 

Every love story is different and based on these romantic movies, you will neither fall in love nor experience true love. For that, you have to be a lovable partner and work on your relationship.

Luckily, true love makes you grow as a person and further as a partner. If you want to put more romance into your relationship, then you have to turn into a lovable partner first. Stay tuned to know this secret.

Secrets To Be A Loving Partner

1. Stay Committed


Unlike teen love, which is immature, mature love is more about commitment and growth. It’s about nourishing each other and growing together. And without being committed to your partner, you neither get this nourishment nor the growth. 

Stay committed to your relationship and do only things that make you fulfill that commitment. This reflects your seriousness in your romantic relationship

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2. Understand Your Partner


The key to an excellent long-lasting and romantic relationship is having a better understanding of each other. Don’t just expect that only your partner knows about your emotions and feelings but returns the same. He/she is also expecting the same from you. So, better invest your time in knowing them rather than expressing yourself all the time.

3. Steal Time From Your Busy Hours


If anyone either you or your partner is working, then stealing some time from your busy schedule is very important. Merely saying I Love You through texts and calls is not sufficient for them. Your partner needs some time to feel more connected with you.

4. Excel In Love Communication 


You two are better at verbal, physical, and emotional communication, but what about love communication? Your relationship also demands love communication. So, show your love through actions instead of merely saying,” I love you so much dear that I can……” Do what you mean. 

Moreover, assisting your partner in small tasks is a perfect way to give them a sense of togetherness. Your small actions can bring a big smile on their face.

5. Be Their Unconditional Support


Love comes with expectation, which means your partner might expect that you support them in all good and bad situations. Moreover, this support can be of any kind, whether financial or emotional. 

Your supportive nature will boost their confidence, and help recover the failure. However, men are feeble at asking support from a woman out of their ego. But, they genuinely feel good when they get a supportive partner.

This is your time to show that they have chosen the right partner for life. 

6. Give Them Space


Unfortunately, we forget that our partner needs space. 24×7 clinginess is terrible for any relationship. Don’t make them feel that loving you is their job or responsibility, and they are bound. Give them space to enjoy their personal space. 

Allow them to go out and have fun with their friends from the opposite gender. If you think that this space will create boundaries between you and your partner, then you are wrong. Try it and respect their privacy. They will appreciate your efforts.

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Love is not meant to be a burden, and by knowing how you can make them love you more, you ensure this. Apply these tips and get ready to feel more romance into your relationship

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