Say “YES” To Summers With Our Guide To Pick The Right Sunscreen

Not all skins are made equal so as the sunscreens for them. Even though they do the same job of protecting the epidermis against the harmful sun rays but their chemical formula differs. And this difference can change the effectiveness of sunscreen on different skin types such as oily, dry, and acne-prone. So, are you using the right one? We’ll tell you. Check out our guide to know the right sunscreen for every skin type.

Gel Formula for Oily Skin


People with oily skin often get acne due to extra sebum production by the skin. And the greasy products further cause acne. For such people, sunscreen with gel formula is better due to their lightweight formula and they also let the pores breath. Dermatologists also recommend the use of mineral powder products and broad-spectrum-based sunscreen for full protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Here is the list of sunscreens for oily skin:

1. Lotus herbals safe sun with SPF 50 and matte gel formulation
2. Ultra sheer dry touch by Neutrogena
3. UV perfect super aqua assence by Loreal
4. VLCC matte sunscreen with SPF 30

Non-Comedogenic For Acne-Prone Skin

Having acne-prone skin is different from having oily skin even though the two result in more acne breakouts. That means people with dry and normal skin are no-different to oily skin but what’s’ the reason. Poor weather or skincare routine is to be blamed.

sunscreen for acne prone skin

Such people should look for non-comedogenic sunscreen. Besides this, make sure the sunscreen doesn’t have ingredients like silicone and acrylate polymers as they are greasy and resulting into more acnes in people with acne-prone skin.

Also, look for fragrance-free sunscreen and products. You can rely on these recommendations:

1. Suncros 50 Aqualotion
2. La Roche-Posau Ultra Light
3. Natural Sun Protection By Kama

Hydrating Formula For Dry Skin

sunscreen for dry skin
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Moisturizers cum sunscreen are best for those with dry skin as they contain soothing and hydrating ingredients to keep skin smooth, soft, and supple. Try any of these sunscreen products for a beach-ready look:

1. VLCC water-resistant sunscreen
2. Lotus Herbals safe sunblock
3. Kaya sun defense
4. Sun control by Garnier skin naturals
5. Vitamin C sunscreen by St.Botanica

You can also mix moisturizers and sunscreen if you still feel dry.

Special Formula For Combo Skin

sunscreen for combination skin

Some people have partially oily and partially dry skin, in short, their skin is of the combination type. This unevenness can make it difficult for them to choose the right sunscreen. Dermatologists suggest using sunscreen that has both serum and gel formula that leaves skin dry and hydrated as well.

Check out these sunscreens if your skin falls into this category:

1. Anti-Tan sunscreen by VLCC with SPF 25
2. Sun Guard Lotion by Jovees Argan with SPF 60
3. La Shield Sunscreen Gel

Mild Ingredients For Sensitive Skin

right sunscreen
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Those with sensitive skin should avoid ingredients like oxybenzone or paraben-based products. These are harsh on the skin and leads to irritation and rashes in people with sensitive skin. Ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide offer better sun protection to those with sensitive skin.

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