Remdesivir Injection Ineffective In Covid Treatment, ICMR May Remove It From Guidelines

After dropping down the plasma therapy from the guidelines of Covid-19 treatment, effectiveness of Remdesivir came into question. The Chairperson of Ganga Ram Hospital on Tuesday in an interview with ANI said that the injection is not highly effective in the treatment of covid patients, thus it may be removed from the ICMR guidelines.

Dr. Rana further said that all the ineffective medicines should be dropped down from the list due to insufficient evidence of their functioning.

According to previous guidelines, the use of remdesivir injection is not permitted for in-home patients or those who are not on oxygen support. ICMR had also set few criteria for the use of Remdesivir, tocilizumab, and convalescent plasma in covid patients.

Why Plasma Therapy Was Removed From ” Line Of Treatment” List?

plasma therapy

Recently, ICMR in its new guidelines for the treatment of covid patients has made clear that plasma therapy was not much effective. Earlier, it was made necessary that patients should undergo plasma therapy within one week of the onset of covid symptoms. This raised a huge demand for plasma donors across the states.

But, few scientists and clinical professionals wrote to the ICMR chief, AIIMS director, and Principal Scientific mentioning the “irrational and non-scientific use”. Citing the reason that it could further worsen the conditions of covid cases in India.

ICMR on Monday in a response to the concern decided to drop the use of plasma therapy.

Dr. Rana explained that plasma does not improve a patient’s condition to a greater extent. Furthermore, arranging plasma for so many patients is also a difficult task for doctors and patient’s families.

Doctors believed that giving pre-forwarded antibodies to patients might help to combat the virus. However, it was only a scientific experiment on the covid patients which has no proper evidence. Similarly, the use of remdesivir makes not much difference in a patient’s health thus it should be discontinued.

More information about the use of proper medicine needs to be gathered but it will take time, he said further.

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